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Twenty Questions and Then Some... 

Greetings, Freaky Darlings! I hope your Friday has been treating you well.

Things are going okay here on the flip side, despite the sudden ickiness that struck my digestive tract earlier in the day. However, since I don't think any of you actually harbor any kind of interest towards the inner workings of my internal organs, I will spare you the details and get on with the program.

The following can either be seen as a genuine display of personal openness, or shameless narcissim. Either way, blame Laura, as it was on her blog that I found this little interest-peeking gem in the first place.

Alrighty, then...release the hounds!

1) If you could move and build a house anywhere, where would it be?
Hmm, good question. I've been so many places that it's hard to say, but I would *love* to have a villa in Greece. The Mediterranean simply rocks.

2) What's your favorite article of clothing?
A horizontally striped sweater that is two sized too big and as soft as cashmere.

3) What's the last CD you bought?
'Ethnicity' by Yanni. It's wonderful.

4) What time do you wake up in the morning?
7 AM, on the nose. I have small children, so any dream of sleeping later than that
is out the window.

5) What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
My frying pan. Gotta love that stir-fry!

6) If you could play an instrument, what would it be?
The piano. I used to play the guitar, but it's been so many years I've forgotten. I do, however, consider the voice an instrument, and unbeknownst to my on line community I do indeed sing, and sing very well (no immodesty intended).

7) Which do you prefer, sports car or SUV?
Neither. Mini-van for me, baby!

8) Do you believe in the afterlife?
I'm an Apostolic Pentecostal, are you kidding? In actuality, I believe we are spiritual creatures that live in a corrupt body, and when our body dies we do, indeed, enter an afterlife.

9) What is your favorite children's book?
The Hobbit. I love it that the dragon gets it in the end.

10) What is your favorite season?
Autumn, without a doubt. The colors are dazzling!

11) If you could have one super power, what would it be?
I would fly.

12) If you have a tattoo, what is it?
In my younger days, I got a scorpion tattooed on my shoulder. And yes...it hurt!

13) Can you juggle?
Only my schedule, and not so good at that.

14) Is there one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to?

15) What is in the trunk of your car?
I think the more appropriate question should be, "What isn't in the trunk of my car?"

16) Which do you prefer, sushi or hamburger?
Meat and potatoes girl, checking in! Sushi? Ewww! It's hamburger always, baby!

17) From the people you will email this to, who's the most likely to respond first?
I'm not e-mailing it, but I have no doubt it will be around the blogosphere. After all, that's where I found it!

Ding Ding! Round Two!

1) What is your first name?

2) Were you named after anyone?
Nope, just me.:)

3) Do you wish on stars?
No, but I sing the song from time to time.

4) When did you last cry?
Last night when I prayed.

5) Do you like your handwriting?
Yes, for it always changes.

6) What is your favorite lunch meat?
Tuna fish!

7) What is your birth date?
November 13th, 19somethingsomething.

8) What is your most embarrassing CD?
I don't think I have one I consider embarrassing.

9) If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
I have absolutely no idea. The way I see myself and the way people tell me I am are so vastly different that I don't think I would recognize myself if I met me.

10) Are you a daredevil?
Oh gracious, NO!

11) Do looks matter?
The way someone looks physically? No. The way they present themselves? Yes.

12) How do you release anger?
I cry and I pray, and not always in that order. I also have a horrible tendency to stew. I'm pretty laid back, but when I'm really steamed I get loud.

13) Where is your second home?
My parents, and Kingston-Upon-Thames, England.

14) Do you trust others easily?
I'm trusting to a fault, if truth be told. Almost to the point of naivete.

15) What was your favorite toy as a child?
My little girl "high heels".

16) What class in high school was totally useless?
Physical Education. Can someone *please* tell me what role this has in public education?

17) Do you have a journal?
Yep, you're reading it!:)

18) Do you use sarcasm a lot?
No. I will use it occasionally, but I'm not sarcastic by nature.

19) What are your nicknames?
The name I went by for over 13 years was "Rusty", a name I'm still called by some.

20) Would you bungee jump?
I'd rather eat sushi.

21) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
I normally go barefoot the majority of the time, but on the occasion I do wear sneakers I do not untie the laces.

22) Do you think that you are strong?
No. I struggles with weaknesses all the time.

23) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Banana Pudding by Blue Bunny.

24) Bush or Kerry?
Bush all the way.

25) Pen or pencil?
Crayon. Ha! Just kidding...pen.

26) Football or basketball?

27) Shoe size?
Oh goodness, I can't believe I'm sharing this! These boats are a size 10.

28) Red or pink?
Pink, the paler the better.

29) What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My insecurity.

30) Who do you miss most?
Not a who, but a what: my childhood in Florida.

31) Do you want everyone to whom you send this to send it back?
Sure, if I was e-mailing it.

32) What color pants are you wearing?
I don't wear pants, but I am wearing a burgundy skirt.

33) What are you listening to right now?
My children watching 'Chicken Run'.

34) What was the last thing you ate?
A baked ground beef patty with two small baked potatoes and a salad.

35) If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
I'd be the whole box.

36) What is the weather like right now?
It's a little overcast and rainy.

37) Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
My beloved Robert.

38) The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
The eyes.

39) Do you like the person who sent this to you?
Well, I got if off Laura's blog, and she's just fabulous. I think we were twins that were separated at birth. Never mind that she's part Chinese and I'm as white as mayonnaise, or that I'm many years older than her, or that I've never stepped one foot on Canadian soil. You just have to trust me on this.

40) Who was it?
See answer 39.

41) What is your favorite drink?

42) Favorite sport?
Anything involving Jackie Chan.

43) Would you rather sing or dance in public?
Sing, hands down. One of my dreams is to sing the Star spangled Banner.

44) What will you be on Halloween?
I don't celebrate Halloween.

45) Do you wear contacts?
Nope. I used to wear colored ones for cosmetic purposes only, but they itched so bad I wanted to scratch my eyes out.

46) Pet peeve?
My procrastination.

47) Goal in life?
To be a good witness for Jesus, to lead people to the truth of Christ, and live a fulfilling spiritual life.

48) Last movie you watched?
With the kids: Lion King II: Simba's Pride.
With Robert: The Majestic.

49) Favorite day of the year?
Christmas! Woohoo!

50) Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings, no contest!

51) Summer or winter?

52) Hugs or kisses?
Oh, don't make me choose!

53) Mountains or the beach?
Depends on my mood, but if I have to choose I'll go with beach, providing I get to live on a private one.:)

54) What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate cake.

55) Who is the most likely to respond?
Probably whoever needs to blog for the day.

56) Who is the least likely to respond?
Probably whoever has already blogged for the day.

57) Living arrangements?
We own a modest home and share it with our two children and three feline furbabies.

58) What books are you reading?
The Bible and Cape Light.

59) What's on your mouse pad?
I have an optical mouse, but I still use my mousepad. It's a black and white picture of a kitten sleeping in a hammock.

60) Who was your first true love?
Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees. I was four years old when I first saw the show, and I still think he's one of the hunkiest men that ever walked (although my passion for him has waned somewhat).

61) What did you watch last night on tv?
We don't have cable TV, only a video monitor.

62) Favorite smells?
Vanilla, lemongrass, neroli, cinnamon, sandalwood.

63) Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
Ew, neither!

64) Do you believe in evolution or creation?
Creation. I used to be an evolutionist, until I really took a look at the theories. It was then that I realized you need more faith to believe that we came from nothing rather than being created by an intelligence.

65) What's the furthest you've been from home?
Russia and Saudi Arabia. Talk about culture shocks!

Well, kids, that's it! I'm off tomorrow for a wonderful Get Together with the Atlanta stitchers, and it's a well deserved one if I do say so myself. I'm going to eat, drink, stitch, and enjoy some very good company.



No, I Am Not Dead... 

...I'm just on a bit of a holiday sabbatical.

I've been dealing with some very spiritual issues, and I've made a serious decision to cut out a majority of internet surfing time. I find myself more open to God, more willing to spend time with my beloveds, and more, if I may borrow from the venacular of my nieces and nephews, 'chilled'. I have, however, missed my blog, so I intend on resuming my blogging practice, to either the joy or dismay of my readers (of which, I will leave up to you).

As you can see, I've got a new template. Well, that's not entirely accurate; it's the same template, with a different logo, backgrounds, and colors. Like the new painting? It's a Jo Wall, of course, for although I adore so many artists I just couldn't part from what seems to have become a 'signature' style for my headings. Besides, I absolutely adore the colors in this one and, despite the spring-like hummingbird and flowers, spoke to me of winter.

I'm sorry that there is not more of an entry tonight, but it feels good to get the template finished and start 'a-fresh'. I'm looking forward to starting the holidays off with a bang, and I hope to share them with all of you.:)

Of course, here's hoping the 'bang' comes from lots of laughter at good times being had rather than my oven. I will be baking this season, Dear Ones, and I only pray God is good to me. While I love to bake and can be rather good at it, sometimes the products of the Pillsbury Dough Boy feel a need for vengeance and takes it out on me. Harrumph. Let's hope his many frozen cookies are in a much more agreeable mood this year and choose not to be scortched.

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"Don't Look, Ethel, That Possum's Hungry!" 

I have developed a very mild case of arthritis in my right hand, and, big baby that I am, it's making me a total crank. It's concentrated in the knuckle area of my ring finger, and every time I move it I find myself wincing. Fortunately I'm still able to stitch (Thank God!) but daily chores are becoming more and more of an Ouch-fest. The reasonable side of me knows it could be a lot worse, and for that I am thankful. The irrational side of me boo-hoos and blubbers and wants to chew vicodin like baby aspirin for the pain. I have yet to go the latter route, but it's tempting all the same.

It's probably not even a good idea for me to be blogging, being in the scroogey mood that I am, for I'm normally pretty sweetness and light. Today, however, I'm more akin to sourness and shadow.

Urg. Me no likey days like this.

Moving on to the news of the day, I have just gotten wind of the Kirstie Alley story that's circulation the wires. In case you haven't heard, Miz Alley keeps a pet possum that she has no problem asking lactating women to breast feed when the poor dear is hungry.

May I elaborate:

Don't Play Possum With Us

November 2, 2004 -- KIRSTIE Alley once had her publicist wet-nurse her baby possum, according to the December issue of Vanity Fair. Frank DiGiacomo, a former editor of this page, talked to nearly everyone who has worked on PAGE SIX in its 28 years to compile an oral history of "the premier brand name for postmodern gossip." But the possum story, told by another former editor, Joanna Molloy, is hard to top. "I got a call one day from somebody out in L.A. who said, 'You're never going to believe this, but I was at an event where Kirstie Alley brought her baby pet possum, and she was walking around with this thing, and all of a sudden it starts to go squeak, squeak, squeak. And Kirstie Alley goes, 'Oooh, ooh, baby, baby. Mommy's here.' And she turned to a publicist and said, 'Say, aren't you nursing a baby right now?' " The publicist, afraid of the possum's teeth, ended up expressing her breast milk into a bottle, which Alley then fed to the animal. Molloy recalls, "And I called up the woman herself — I was like, OK, they're going to laugh me off both coasts, but no story is too crazy to check — and she said, 'The answer is yes. I did it and, you know what, I'm proud of it.' "

Okay, can someone tell me who's the sicker freak here? Is it Kirstie Alley, for actually suggesting someone breast feed her hungry possum, or is it her publicist for actually expressing breast milk and being "proud" to do it?? I mean, whatever happened to Ritz crackers, for the love of pete? Can anyone in their right minds actually say that Hollywood "gets" us, the little people, and that we can actually "relate" to Hollywood?

Yeesh, man. What are we coming to?

Now, I posted a link about this on the JPC Heated Debates forum, but as of this writing I purposely have not read the responses. That is due mainly to the fact that I wanted this entry to be completely objective and, truth be told, free to say what I really felt without worrying who I would offend. It's stories like this that convince me that there are indeed many Hollywood elites that A)really think their feces don't stink or B)have gone stark raving crazy due to all the weird rays emanating off the mother ship. I am finding the above account, as bizarre as it is, becoming more the "norm" for Hollywood, and that anyone who has a clue that this kind of behavior is off the cuff is seen as "those nutty religious freaks that want to keep the creative down!"

Sister, let me just say this: if calling someone on the carpet for seriously requesting her employee to breast feed her pet possum and said employee for actually considering it is being a nutty religious freak, then there are an awful lot of atheists who recognize this kind of asinine behavior as nothing short of bizarre scratching their heads in wonder.

Insert Big Breath Here.

Now...what really scares me more than all of this is that there are people out there that will find absolutely nothing wrong with all of this. After all, don't humans drink animal milk? Aren't humans just animals, albeit at the top of the food chain? What's the big deal? The little animal was hungry, we have to take care of the animals, they are people too, oh no! wait a minute! no their not, they are better than people because they don't fight and make war and vote for George W. Bush! The publicize did the only true and honorable thing by providing nourishment for the starving creature, and anyone who says otherwise is mean and nasty and evil, and just plain unenlightened. After all, who are we to judge???

All I can say to that is more power to you. If you really don't know why Kirstie Alley seeking breast fed human nourishment for a marsupial is not okay, and why a woman should not really be proud in complying, then nothing I say will convince you otherwise.

PETA would be proud. And that, in itself, is a terrifying thing.

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One Big Fat Cat and a Couple of Ponies 

Okee-dokey...after a jubilant victory yesterday and a little nose-rubbing for the Hollywood left (friends excluded, of course) I am back to my sensitve, caring self.


I am a nut for cats, and I am a nut for online quizzes. Imagine my delight at discovering an entry on mah Canadian sistah's blog that held the content of both:

Maine Coon
You are a Maine Coon! You are larger than life, a
gentle giant. You are independent, but very
affectionate with your friends and family.

What breed of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

How about that? I always saw myself as a Siamese, but I guess that was just wishful thinking. However, since I would love to actually own a Maine Coon (and do, at present, own a Maine Coon-mix) I'm pretty chuffed about the results.

As far as other things go, I need to upload a picture of my "My Little Pony" collection. It's not much, only 11 or so ponies, but it's a start. I also have all six Tiny Tins, and I am eagerly anticipating the next six releases. I did, however, have some fun making some new blinkies:

Aren't they *adorable*? And yes, it's true: I never claimed to be anything other than a ten year old trapped in a thirty-six year old's body.

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Bush/Cheney 2004! 

Well! I think to say that the past 24 hours have been eventful would be an understatement. To say I'm thrilled with the re-election of President Bush is also an understatment.

To say I'm very, very, very, very happy only scratches the surface.

I want to take time, however, and express my sincere condolences for some very dear friends of mine. They are Democrats, and they voted for Senator Kerry. They are feeling very discouraged, if not downright miserable, and I truly feel for them. I know I would feel the same as they had President Bush not been re-elected, and I do not wish them pain for anything. They are wonderful people, and I do not wish to gloat or rub anything in their faces.

That said, there is a group of Hollywood elite that I want to draw to your attention: for every lie Michael Moore spewed in his mockumentary, for every 'rape' the Cameron Diaz thinks will now be legal, for every country Whoopie Goldberg and Marisa Tomei claimed they would move to if Bush was re-elected, for every Republican that Alec Baldwin personally wants to see shipped to some Godforsaken island and killed, for every bizzarity issued out of Susan Sarandon's mouth, for every "repugnant" and "repulsive" Republican that offends Julia Roberts, for every crass insult hurled at the President from Jaennne Garalfolo, for every Hollywood punch line involving President Bush's "speech impediment", religion, physical looks, "stupidity", or lack of general awareness, for every shame Natalie Maines feels towards sharing the President's birthplace, for every defiant scream of "Selected, not elected!!"...

...I humbly dedicate THIS.

Here's to another four years.:)

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