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Summer of the Gall Bladder 

During the past few weeks, I've seen good days and bad as far as the health department goes. I can't remember if I discussed the really bad attack of pain I had before Christmas, but I had another attack like that not too long ago, only not quite as bad. It was bad enough, however, that left me feeling pretty horrible, even to the point of missing a beloved neice's graduation party (my daughter also had a high fever that finally broke that weekend...what a Saturday that was!). Several bottles of medication and one ultrasound later and we have discovered that a rather large stone has taken up residence in Stacey's gall bladder. Bleacgh. Needless to say, it's getting removed (the entire gall bladder, not just the stone) on Wednesday.

Wierd, huh? Kind of shades of last summer when my husband suffered with pancreatitis and a defunct gall bladder that had to be removed. Only his wouldn't come out through larposcopy, they had to cut his out. Ouch! Mine is planned for the former, less invasive method, so lets just pray the gall bladder doesn't decide to play hardball.

Anyway, I'm hoping I'll feel more like my old self after this surgery. If I owe you an e-mail, please be patient a little while longer. I'm planning on resuming blogging and board activity next week, so I'll see you in. Please think of me on Wednesday around 1:30 PM and send me a prayer! I'll sure appreciate it.:)

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