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BOLO: David's Walkabout - Introduction 

So much has happened in this past week, I barely know where to begin. I've had a very difficult time organizing my thoughts into something that resembles lucidity, but I thought it might be best to start with the mundane and let the rest hash out as it so chooses.

I'm glad you found me at my new location. With all the changes that have happened in my life at the moment I thought this would be the opportune time to plunge in head first and give you 'Fully Caffeinated'. Lord knows I've been drinking my fair share of coffee lately, so the appropriateness of this change does not fail me. I was going to go for an entirely different look, but the truth is I love the feel of 'Perle Moon' and I wanted to keep its essence. The name of the blog may be changing, as have the person behind it. Perle Moon will remain, but it is here that I now live.

As for the past week, I hardly know where to begin. Most of you know my son David had been missing for 55 hours last week, and what had begun as a tiny blurb in the local papers ended up garnering national television coverage during that period of time. Sunday, August 1st began my nightmare which mercifully ended the following Tuesday, August 3rd. Those days will be forever burned in my mind as the worst and best days of my life.

Before I go on, I want to extend my intense gratitude and thanks to everyone who prayed, cried, searched, and called for my son. I have been reading blogs most of the morning and the love and concern I have seen expressed there has touched me deeply. I especially want to thank Angi and Valerie, for without their comfort and efficiency I could not have made it. Valerie was able to be here with me and Angi was my mouth piece for the thousands of dear stitchers that kept emotional vigil with me until David was found. It was not until this time that I knew just how important the internet community was to me and, in return, I had no idea how important I was to the community. This has left me feeling loved and, to be truthful, very humbled.

I want to share snippits of that time with you, for to be able to share the whole ordeal would be impossible. So much has happened in such a short amount of time that to relay more than the surface would take a lifetime. I have been given a very precious gift, in the form of a second chance with my son. I will try to be as exacting as possible, at the very least to clear up some misconceptions as reported by the media (such as David's autism, a condition he has never been formally diagnosed as having). I will share with you the nightmare of our polygraph tests and intensive questioning by the police, which occupied the majority of our time on Monday, August 2nd. Finally, I will share with you those moments right before and after David was found.

I want to be clear that I appreciate the Henry County Police Department and the media for all they have done. While accuracy in the reports were not 100%, I can honestly say both factions tried to be as clear as possible in regards the facts. I know the police were just trying to do their job, and any emotional injuries I maintain from the ordeal are not reflected at them. I understand the nature of their job is made harder from the sheer reality that some parents do indeed abduct and murder their own children, and despite our innocence I shudder to think what would have befallen us if David had been found dead.

David is currently thriving, as if nothing has ever happened. He has even earned the nickname "Bolo" (the word printed on top of the police flyer) which means, "Be on the lookout". None of us had any idea what that meant before this episode, but none of us will ever forget it.

Many of you have been wanting to hear what happened the way it really happened, and I hope I can do my best to satisfy these curiosities. I want to get back to "normalacy" as soon as possible, but changes following something like this are bound to happen; what these changes are exactly, I cannot at the moment say because I don't really know. What I do know, however, is that things that seemed so important hold less of a gilding to me now than they once did. My perspectives have changed a bit, and my faith has grown beyond anything I could have imagined. God truly delivered and showed His glory during a time when man had done all he could do. It's not about religion; it's about the incredible power of the one true God.

Thank you once again for all of your love and prayers. I wish I could contact everyone personally to let you know how much I love you, but even if I could it would never be enough to express my gratitude. May God uphold you all and know that I will forever count you all as my friends. I truly love you.
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