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Calgon, Take Me To The Arctic 

Ah, the air conditioner saga continues...

When I last left you, Mr. Burly Monosyllabic was going to fix my nefarious air conditioner. He did indeed return and fix said appliance, but discovered another tiny problem: the outside fan wants to run continually, whether the unit is on or not, which causes great stress on all the little gizmos. Maybe this is why my electric bill has been sinfully high this summer.

Great. Just great...

He could not fix it yesterday, but he said he would be back today. Well, did he? Not so, Grasshopper. He can't make it today: "Can you survive until tomorrow?" Gee, sure, thanks very much for asking! This is only Atlanta, we'll be fine.

Yup, that's us; fine as frog's hair.

So you see, I have to leave you all in suspense *yet again* to see what happens. Better than any daytime soap, I realize, but I just wish someone else could take over the title for a while.

Oh, stop, I know I'm really very boring. You're not telling me anything new. If an overloaded, persnickity air conditioner is the biggest hardship I deal with for the rest of this year I will be a very happy woman.

I'll tell you this, though: if he can't make it tomorrow I'm moving in with Valerie until he gets off his monosyllables and fixes my appliance. I hope she's ready to convert her son's school room into a guest room, 'cause there will be seven of us, including the cats. And they luuuuve hermit crabs.
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