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Back from the sea of Animation Shop Pro. 

I have finally come up for air from the vast ocean known as animated gifs. Not only have I made my fair share over the past four hours, but I've found I actually have a 'style'.

Good gravy, I need a hobby. This thing will consume me unless I channel this urge to create elsewhere.

Wait a minute...I do have a hobby. I cross stitch. Oh yes, I nearly forgot about that. Silly me.

Apparently my obsession in Blinkie-Land has really kept me out of the loop. My niece called yesterday, and it seems her dad (my brother) went to an art convention this weekend, and guess who he got to meet? None other than Craig Parker aka Haldir himself. How super cool is that?? I'm so envious I'm seeing emeralds. I didn't even know he was in town! Obviously, I have to get out more.

The conversation then swerved to the afford mention of her in my blog a couple of entries back. She informed me that she was quite happy to see I actually did not go through with the "Haldir Rules Legolas Drools" blinkie. My initial instincts were right; she would not have forgiven me has I created such an abomination. She and I have this friendly rivalry regarding these two characters; she is completely enamored of Legolas (duh, like what 15 year old isn't), and I think Haldir is the coolest thing since flavored coffees hit the mass market. I promised her I would make her a very fine Legolas blinkie all for her very own and, wonderful aunt that I am, I complied.

Behold la Legolas blinkie for Brynna:

Heehee. I'm so dead meat.

Oh, calm down, Bryn...your real Legolas blinkie can be found here.

Okay, everyone, I'll get off the blinkie craze now. I'll still be making them, but I'll be uploading any new creations to the set blinkie page and try to keep them here down to a dull roar. I've got some stitching related ones I'm working on, so those should be fun.

I'll check back with you all later. I heard a rumour that The Shire Review was putting out its second issue soon and I want to be sure and get a copy.

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