...i am a princess on the way to my throne...


I Blinkie... 

...Therefore I Am.

Yes, freaky dahlings, it's true: I am so easily amused.

I've spent the better part of last night and this evening playing with Animation Shop Pro, creating none other than --yep, you guessed it-- blinkies!! Whahootie!!

Actually, they are not that difficult and quite addicting to make. Once I'm working on one ideas for another will flood my mind and I'll have to make that one as soon as I'm done with the one I'm making, etc., ad infinitum. Most of the ones in my sidebar were not created by me, but I've interspaced the ones I have made amongst the others.

Here's a glimpse of those created by moi:

I love greens and felt this would go great with my self-description.

Describes my inner-being.

Another ode to chocolate. This is one of the first blinkies I ever made, and I love it.

I feel this one turned out very well. It's simple and was very easy to make, but it's quite effective.

Although the font is a tad dark, I love the autumn leaves in the background.

Yes, I really am this much of a geek. I originally wanted it to say, "Haldir Rules and Legolas Drools" but I did not think my teenage niece would ever forgive me if I did.

Blog name. Duh. It turned out okay, but not my favorite.

I *love* the way this one turned out.

Heh heh. I needed something that really pegs some of us on those kinds of days (more of which I seem to be having lately, but I'll just blame it on the coffee).

This is my absolute favorite. Very classy.

The newley minted tribute to my favorite needlework designer.

So far that's it, but keep your eyes peeled for later additions. I'll be adding a "Medieval Momma" and "Chatelaine Addict" sometime soon, and perhaps a "WIP Tart" will crop up there. You never know.

Oh, I have one more to share:

This is a little custom one for Erica. I felt that Moira, her gorgeous black cat, was just too darn cute not to be gracing a blinkie. Besides, I don't think I know anyone whose as nuts about blinkies as I am than Erica, and she needed one just for her:).

Feel free to use any of these you want (except Erica's, of course!:)), that's what they are here for!:)

Ciao! Have a safe Monday!
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