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Me and My Big Mouth 

It seems I have a case of 'foot-in-mouth' syndrome. I hope I can find the cure, and soon!

To make a very long post short: no, I don't think the sender of the e-mail is any of the wonderful British BBers whom I know and love. Please, no one think that! I'm not going to go any further into my previous comments, because it would just further dig a well that I would have to spend the next two entries explaining and re-explaining. Cat has had a recent bought of animosity from someone who is indeed British, and that was where my comment came from. That's all. I was wrong to even imply anything, because now I've got people upset. My attempt at teasing cheekiness has taken a huge nose dive into the Atlantic and my tongue-in-cheek career has died before it even began. No, I don't know who sent the letter and no, I shouldn't have speculated. For all I know, it's some dumb American taking advantage of a strained relashionship between Cat and someone else. With that, I apologize for any confusion and close my big fat mouth on the subject.

Consider me appropriately humbled.

Sigh. I'm tired. I was going to post about the Board Wars I see in the near future, but I'm just too weary to bother. I swore I was going to limit my board intake, but like a collapsing star I felt myself being sucked into a blackened vortex that I had no power to run from. You know the scenario: "okay, so what if it's midnight, just one more thread!" Gag me with a spoon. If I can't excercise a little self control on my time then I am indeed dead meat.

Thank goodness it's weight training day. I need to work off some of this stress and pray for people, myself included. The good Lord knows we need it.
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