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The Silver Lining 

After my boo-hoo session yesterday, I woke up feeling even more depressed than before. Eee-gah.

I stumbled to the computer after making a pot of vanilla-flavored coffee, and after starting and restarting and restarting once again (finicky computer) I was able to connect to the internet. I chose to browse Krista's site a little more, in an effort to cement down a weight training schedule that was flexible and structured at the same time; I need it to be flexible because I have small children and structured because if it isn't then I won't stick with it.

Well, freaky dahlings, it happened...after perusing the site I felt more depressed than ever. Color me pathetic.

Do you want to know why I was depressed? Because I have been needing to weigh myself to see where I am, and I've been afraid. Afraid to get on the scale and see where my total nearly-two-months eating splurge has gotten me. Afraid I've blimped up all the weight I've worked so hard to lose. After everything that's happened, it would bum me out to no end to see I've gained everything back.

Forget it. I'm sick of being scared of my weight. I'm tired of letting 'it' control me. So, I squared my shoulders and went to the bathroom, prepared for battle. Wiping the cobwebs off the scale with a flourish, I stepped on it and after a quick prayer peeked over my not-as-ample-as-it-used-to-be stomach to see how much fat I'd aquired.

I blinked. Everything was the same. No weight gain. Nothing nada zilch. El zippo.
The 27 pounds I had sent a few months earlier to Hawaii in search of some skinny young thang's hips apparently liked it there and had not come flying home. Thank You Jesus!! This truly is amazing, because all I have to do is look at a cheeseburger and gain weight and here I am, many Burger Kings later, and I'm holding strong.

Awesome. Totally awesome. I am completely chuffed. I can start where I left off with no worries. Now, it's just a matter of focus.

To wax eloquence, I will leave you with this declaration of joy: "EEeeeEEEE-HHhhHHAAAaaAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

Gotta luv it.:)
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