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Tales From The Freezer 

Well, I am back. I'm currently wearing a shirt of wintry material, sporting icicles on my nose and ears, enjoying lit scented candles, and entertaining thoughts of hot coffee spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

And I like it that way.

Yes, dear ones, I have AIR CONDITIONING!! Once again I am reveling in the convenience of cool air. We fought, we persevered, and we survived; I can now buy the T-shirt and flaunt it with confidence.

I want to extend my thanks to everyone who worked through this drama with us. It was not fun, it was not pretty, but you all were there as we all waiting with bated breath for Mr. Monosyllabic to finally return and complete The Job. When he did return Thursday morning, he brought with him The Apprentice, a face I never did see but whose existence my husband witnessed. Perhaps our sassy air conditioner was too much of a challenge for the Monsieur to face on his own, and he felt he had to bring in some reinforcement. Either way, things are kicking once again and we are all cool as ice cubes in Sweden in the dead of winter.

I also want to thank Gandalf and the gang at The Shire Review for helping me out. Weren't they great sports? Yes, Haldir did moan and groan a little bit about having to come in to work on his day off, but he really does have a soft heart. They all helped me out in a jam, and I really appreciate that. From what I understand, they were pretty much a hit with the readers as well, so I found it in my heart to help them out; you can find their bi-weekly reviews at The Shire Review, a place of their very own to scrutinize whatever issues their little hearts desire (I even moved their first issue over there). Be sure to stop by and let them know what you think. Be sure to tell them I sent you.:)

Well, I've got company coming so I must run; these are two very dear friends that we have not seen in years. You all have a good weekend and I'll see you on the flip side!
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