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The Twilight Zone Meets Shakespeare 

Okay, yesterday was weird. By the end of the day, I just stared blanky into space and asked myself, "Was I just catapulted into the twilight zone, or am I still on this plane of reality?"

I'm still not sure where I reside, but wherever it is at least my stitching is with me. Hey, I can be content anywhere as long as I'm surrounded by a rainbow of fabric and a healthy dose of Kreinkis.

I won't completely rehash what transpired on the bulletin boards yesterday, for you really had to be there to appreciate the surrealness. In one corner we had The Bard, a self-proclaimed purveyour of words and his wife, Indian Princess (by the way, Shakespeare's nickname per sae was 'the Bard', and he was also a purveyour of words. Coincidence?). While a little different in demeanour than your average stitcher, I didn't find them particularily offensive: a tad odd, but not offensive. Of course, nosy woman that I am, I *had* to go take a peak at their own board, and it seems 'The Bard' had a thread regarding the "invasion" of a "stitching board". I admit, I just had to smile. He and his wife remind me of some of my old friends from my theater days. Of course, I doubt very seriously I would be welcomed at such a place, for I am a Bush supporter and waaaaaaaaaaay too conservative for these colorful, 'legalize-it-hemp-is-your-friend' characters. My bong days are long gone, thank you very much.:)

Now, in the other corner we had Cat and her "love letter", a hate mail she recieved during the course of the day. She doesn't know who sent it, but she has a supsicion. I wanted to ask if perhaps it had a British accent, but that would have been a little too cheeky, not to mention it could cast suspicion on an innocent party. Of course, what I did ask was probably no less secretive, but that was the mood I was in at the time. So sue me. We all have punchy days, and after all the bannings of 'The Bard' and his crew (not all of them belonged to him, but they all surfaced around the same time), the cross posts, the stitchers miagrating into Bard territory, and then the hate mail, my head was simply spinning. And just think; two days ago I said I was taking a break from the boards, and here I was with multiple browsers open, watching posts fly back and forth like maniacle ping-pong balls.

I'm pathetic. But at least I'm an entertained pathetic.

I did manage, however, through all the drama to get a rotation set up and (hopefully) I can implement it tonight.

Behold la rotation:
Woodland Fairy without the wings (Mirabilia)
Arthur and Guinevere (Vermillion Stitchery)
Royal Holiday (Mirabilia)
Gaelic Banner (Dracolair)
Scent of Old Roses (Mirabilia)
Carousel Fall Horse (Teresa Wentzler)
Le Nouveau Sampler (Mirabilia)
Watergarden (Chatelaine)
The Kiss (Mirabilia)
Lady of Shalott (Teresa Wentlzer)

Hmmm, whose Prin's favorite designer? One can only guess.

I'm not going to rotate these every ten hours, for sometimes I fortunate to even get in 15 minutes a day. Instead, I am going to rotate them every ten days. It will make it easier for me to track, and that way I don't have to 'pinch pennies' where my minutes are concerned.

Well, that's it for me today. A rather insipid entry, I agree, but considering my mind feels like a fried egg on a stale piece of toast you kids are doing good to get even this from me. It's been a long week and I'm looking forward to total mind vegetation.

Later gators. See you on Monday!

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