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Grab A Torch, Ethel, There Be Trolls Ahead! 

Do you know why I hate this time of year? Because it brings out all the TROLLS!!

Someone get me a torch, will ya?


Please allow me to expotulate later, for right now all I want is my coca-cola polar bear (not to be mistaken with my son's ragged-but-beloved stuffed creature), fleecy jammies, and a warm bed. Perhaps I'll even light a candle so the room can be filled with the scent of sugary vanilla to help drive away the 'ick' of the day.

Yeesh. Who would have thought so much drama could come from cross stitching bulletin boards? It would seem some of us really don't get out much.


I've heard in the past that all stitchers are thought to be kind little old ladies who bake apple pies and stitch ornaments for their grandchildren. Hah; as if. It seems that stereotype has been smashed to bits by some of the latest antics. I think the phrase backstabbing gossipy harpy trolls wielding needles like daggers with a penchant for shedding harmonious blood would be more appropriate to describe a small handful of the women I've seen around one of the boards lately.

Kind little old ladies indeed. Don't I just wish!

I think perhaps another computer fast is in the works for this happy-go-lucky camper. My spirit's getting soiled, and for me that does not bode well.

I need something to get my mind off all this junk, a distraction, a diversion. Oh, yes, I know just the thing...

For Brynna:



She's gonna kill me. I am so dead.

During times like this, I am not above taunting my fifteen year old niece (who is an avid Legolas admirer) and trying to convince her that Haldir, despite his snobbery, is far, faaaaaaaaar cooler than Legoli Le Blonde.

Okay, so I may stand in the vast minority for that opinion, but you got to admit...there is something to be said about an elf with attitude.

Well, there you have it; I'm getting weird. Time for bed. I hope all this doesn't wack out my dreams. I would not like to awaken from hours of having dreamed of Haldir and Legoals as apple-pie baking cross stitchers slaying internet trolls with flaming ornaments. I don't think I'd ever recover.

After all, 'The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins' is nightmare enough to last anyone a lifetime...

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