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Paris Hilton and Mary Cheney, Not Necessarily Together... 

I'm tired. I'm worn out. I've been sick for over a week with some disgusting head cold, and the minute I get even partially well my children contact some sort of stomach virus that makes what I had look like a sleigh-ride. Then, when I finally get back online, I have over 500 e-mails waiting to be opened and a semi-controversy stewing on my very own board.

I'm tired. I already said that, didn't I? I know, I know, I'm not thinking clearly and it's showing.


I had planned out an entire rant revolving around Paris Hilton and the whole "John Kerry Mentioned Mary Cheney!" shebang, but I'm just too durn flaky to make it sound sensible so I don't think I will even try. I will, however, say this: on the cover of the YM magazine is a picture of Paris Hilton looking poised, pouty, and perky, gazing at us from behind starchly bleached Farah-flips. The caption boldly proclaims something along the lines of, "Paris Hilton! Heiress! Actress! Singer! Author! And More Like You Than You Know!"

Yea, right. I would wager to think that most of the Young Miss readers are pubescent, pimply, Christina Aguilera wanna-bees that go to school in the mornings, stuff themselves with Cheetoes and Diet Coke in the afternoons, and gab all night via Yahoo Instant Messaging with girlfriends about that "dreeeeeeeamy Orlando!". Huh. Color me doubtful, but I would be real surpised if any one of them was born with more money than she will ever see in her life, performed twice in an amatuer porno video (yes yes, I know, it was for private use only!), starred in a sleazy "reality" show with Nicole Ritchie, or cut a music single entitled, in an oddly appropriate way, "Screwed." Now, I don't know, it might just be me, but I don't see in any way, shape, or form how Paris Hilton has anything in common with these girls.

Well, okay, maybe the crush on Orlando. Since I seem to be the only person sporting a healthy does of estrogen that does not find Orlando expressly appealing, I can say with complete objectivity that I wouldn't put it past Paris to dump any current boy-toy that meets her fancy and sail away with Orlando in tanning-bed bliss.

Now, before anyone starts banging down my door about how much I hate Paris, let me assure you I do not. The truth is I feel sorry for her. Look: here is a woman with *everything* at her fingertips, and so far the most her young life has produced has been, well, smut. She could be anything she wanted to be. Am I judgemental? You bet,and sometimes that is not a bad thing. It's 'judgements' that help people get a little perspective at how much more they have to offer, and in turn, be offered. When I see a woman with as much capacity and opprutunity as she has to do something extraordinary -and by extraoridinary I mean anything from becoming an nuclear engineer, becoming a hard working teacher, becoming a CEO of a mega-million dollar company, or becoming the best parent your child ever had- and instead throws it out the window for clothing that wouldn't even cover my daughter's baby doll and a life that's been pretty much debauch, then that leaves me feeling sad. Sad for her. Sad for what she could be. The upside is, however, that God has a plan for everyone, and Paris hasn't been left out yet. I pray she finds Him and gets a little peace in her life, for God only knows how she can have any peace living the road she's paving.

As far as the John Kerry/Mary Cheney thing goes, I'm not going to rant about Senator Kerry. Nope, I'm sure not. He said what he said, for better or for worse, and frankly that horse has been kicked to death (I refer to the discussion in regards to his words, not the Senator himself). I'll just say this: What.Ever. Of course, my vote was fixed before the debates, which was probably how it was for 99 percent Americans. I didn't buy the "we have a whole meeting house of undecided voters" jargin at all that they tried to sell us for that one debate. Unless George Bush came out and proclaimed partial-birth abortion as the answer to modern medicine, or that Saddam Hussein was really the long awaited Jewish Messiah (whose already come, by the way) then I think there is very little that would persude me to vote otherwise. I have a feeling a lot of people, Republican and Democrat, feel the same way about their prefered candidates.

Well. It seems like I was able to make some sense out of those subjects, after all. Of course, I may come back an hour later and have a hefty re-read, only to think, "Yeesh, what was I thinking?" Ah well, it will then be too late. Today is Fully Caffeinated: Raw and Uncut, and I'm not editing anything. Call me lazy.

By the by, I apologize if I'm late in returning any e-mails. 500 is an awful lot to go through, so it's going to take me a while. Most of them are just from the Flylady newsletter, so I can pretty much let my finger work the delete key. Why do I do this to myself? Everytime I turn over a new leaf concerning my e-mail, something silly happens like me going and getting sick and then I don't check it for five days. Of course, I can't completely blame it on that; I've been harping about my horrible e-mail etiquitte for how long now?

Pray for me.
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