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No, I Am Not Dead... 

...I'm just on a bit of a holiday sabbatical.

I've been dealing with some very spiritual issues, and I've made a serious decision to cut out a majority of internet surfing time. I find myself more open to God, more willing to spend time with my beloveds, and more, if I may borrow from the venacular of my nieces and nephews, 'chilled'. I have, however, missed my blog, so I intend on resuming my blogging practice, to either the joy or dismay of my readers (of which, I will leave up to you).

As you can see, I've got a new template. Well, that's not entirely accurate; it's the same template, with a different logo, backgrounds, and colors. Like the new painting? It's a Jo Wall, of course, for although I adore so many artists I just couldn't part from what seems to have become a 'signature' style for my headings. Besides, I absolutely adore the colors in this one and, despite the spring-like hummingbird and flowers, spoke to me of winter.

I'm sorry that there is not more of an entry tonight, but it feels good to get the template finished and start 'a-fresh'. I'm looking forward to starting the holidays off with a bang, and I hope to share them with all of you.:)

Of course, here's hoping the 'bang' comes from lots of laughter at good times being had rather than my oven. I will be baking this season, Dear Ones, and I only pray God is good to me. While I love to bake and can be rather good at it, sometimes the products of the Pillsbury Dough Boy feel a need for vengeance and takes it out on me. Harrumph. Let's hope his many frozen cookies are in a much more agreeable mood this year and choose not to be scortched.

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