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A Day Well Spent 

Today was *wonderful*. It was my favorite kind of day: overcast, cool without being cold, breezy without being windy, and filled with good fellowship.


We went to visit Ken and Julie, friends of ours we have known for years. I first met Ken during his pre-Julie days when we were theater majors at Brenau University, and I started dating his best friend. Well, the best friend moved on but another took his place, the one who turned out to be Robert, the complete love of my life. So, needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) Ken never got rid of me after that first fateful meeting.:) Due to the fact, however, that we all get along smashingly well, I don't think anyone is any worse for wear.

They live in a gorgeous older home smack dab in the middle of high Atlanta, in a place Ken describes as 'the Hood'. While the area does, indeed, smack rather 'hoodish', the Wrights have carved out for themselves a wonderful home whose colorfully painted walls and Celtic/Goth decor left me squealing for joy. I didn't realize how much Julie and I had in common, especially in regards to our decorating style. She loves Celtic and Medieval, as do I, and I need to ask her where she finds her things because it's not as if I can go into my local Target and find Gothic arches or Celtic wall sconces. Being in Atlanta and coming from the theater scene, Julie is in a far better position to help me find those kinds of wares than your average shopper in Stockbridge.

Not only do we share a similar decorating sense, but we also share the same worries and woes faced in child rearing. Are our children 'normal'? Are we good enough mothers? Why didn't these precious bundle of joys come with how-to manuals? Does the terrible-threes ever end? Is it *always* going to be maintenance control and trial and error, or are we ever going to 'get it'? Those of you that are parents, you know the drill. We both eventually discovered that no, there is not a how-to manual, and yes, our children are normal, and yes, we are good enough mothers, even with our flaws and insecurities. We love our children and we do the best for them; no one can expect of themselves more than that.

As far as the children went, they had a total blast. They chased each other thoughout the house in reckless abandon, occasionally shrieking at each other in total glee. The wooden train tracks were an instant success, and with Ken and Julie's toddler happily ensconsed with the companionship of our two Wild Ones, they were able to sit and relax and have adult conversation. Every parent's dream, I assure you.

We are now home, well fed and extremely content. It's wonderful to have good friends, and even more wonderful to actually get to spend time with them. This was a day well spent, indeed.

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