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The Ick Strikes Again 

Well, Freaky Dahlings, it's been a sneezy kind of weekend. I've been sick the past few days. Not the "oh,-looky-there-I-have-a-sniffle" kind of sick, but the "OMG-I-think-my-head-is-going-to-explode!!" kind of sick.


I was very excited when my oldest started school, but no one told me that frequent illness would be a part of the bargain. I swear, ever since he started K-4 it's as if I'm walking around with a huge sign on my forehead that screams in sing-song, "YOOHOO!!! DISEASE, SICKNESS, AND GERMS!! LOOKIT ME, LOOKIT ME!! I'M A MOM, AND YOU KNOW I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH MY TIME THAN TO BE SICK AND CHASE AFTER CHILDREN ALL DAY LONG!! YOU KNOW HOW I REALLY NEED ALL THOSE GERMY LITTLE PARTIES YOU USE TO WRECK HAVOC IN MY NOSE AND SINUSES!!! NOTICE MY FRESH, CLEAN TRACHEA, ALL SWEPT OUT AND WAITING FOR YOUR FLEGHM BUDDIES TO TAKE UP RESIDENCE!! GERMS!! HERE I AM!! COME AND GET ME!! YOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Faugh. I spit penicillin in their general direction.

It would seem I've survived this bought of the ick only to live to face another bought of ick on another day. The upside of all this is that I was able to organize my stitching projects, something I love to do. I think I enjoy fondling all the beautiful fabrics/flossies/beads more than actually stitching with them, but that's a quirk I've never bothered to address. The truth is, whatever gets finished this year gets finished and what doesn't, well, doesn't. No worries here. I mean, I'm trying to focus on the mammoth task of losing 80 pounds for cryin' out loud; I'm not going to let a little thing called cross stitching stress me out.

Scha. Remind me of that when I'm boo-hooing over how many projects I have going and how I can't get *anything* finished, blahblahblah yaddayaddayadda ad nauseum.

I have, however, in my nauseated state managed to create some funky little blinkies, which came out rather neat if I do say so myself. You can find them on my Blinkies page or, for your viewing pleasure, I will post them as follows:

Ain't it the truth?? Considering I have more Chatelaines going this year than any other designer, I would say it's pretty much spot on.

Only when working with dark fabric, thankyewverymuch.

There are more of us out there than you think, and we are proud of it!


This is for those of you disciplined ones who can actually *stick* to a rotation. I'm hopeless.

Hey, my kind of project! No wonder I love Chatelaines so much.

I've got some more coming, but the combination of creating blinkies whilst having the common cold and listening to the stream of endless reruns of 'The Brady Bunch' blew a hole in my brain and I'm taking a short blinkie break, at least until the hole mends.

Which could be, oh, next Tuesday. Or sooner. But whose counting?

Oh well. Off to excercise. Hey, on second thought, maybe *that's* what's making me sick! Perhaps I ought to lay off the aerobics and stuff myself with some deep dish pizza a'la comfort food and give my mouth a workout instead.

Puh-leeze. I should be so lucky.

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