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A Little Belated Christmas Cheer 

For the Christmas season, my darling husband created for me a series of Christmas cards inspired by our love for The Lord of the Rings. Now, you have to understand...Tolkien and ourselves go way back. I read The Hobbit before I even knew what a hobbit was, and the book (and now the movies) The Lord of the Rings is presented so much like a "history" that it does not even have a "fantastical" feel to me anymore. Tolkien was even instrumental in introducing C.S. Lewis to Christ, a fact that is well known but goes untold in the film version's appendicies (it quotes Lewis as being an atheist, which he was when Tolkein met him but became a Christian through their association. Alas I digress...).

Anyway, Robert thought I might enjoy these, and enjoy them I did. I thought I would share them with you all, in hopes of spreading a little belated Christmas cheer. One note, however; view them with a sense of humour.

Le Dwarf says:

Le Hunky Gondorian says:

Les Wee Ones say:

Le Really Really Scary One says:

Les Gorgeous Blondes say:

And please, no double entendres on the last card, thank you very much! Although, if truth be told, I have a sneaking suspicion that the last one was created as a sort of thumb in my ear from my darling hubby in light of what he calls my "fawning" over Haldir. Harumph. I don't fawn over Haldir, do I? Well, do I???

Hmm. On second thought, don't answer that...


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