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When In Doubt: Think Pink 

Well, it seems I've come through 2004 relatively unscathed, if somewhat wiser for the journey. I've made some wonderful friends, lived through my son's disappearence/re-appearence, enjoyed my parent's 50 wedding anniversary, my husband's 40th birthday, lived through my son's first few weeks of pre-school, and belatedly started potty training my daughter, a feet I shall spare you all of the details (to which I am sure you are most grateful).

Despite my inconsitency in formerly mentioned potty training, I have survived them all and lived to tell the tales. I suppose one might say I'm somewhat no worse for wear, but depending on my mood that point is debatable. Of course, I will elaborate a bit more on any choice details I see fit to share, but after tweaking and re-tweaking my new template my energy is zapped. Word to the wise: never try to play computer after a rigorous excercise session. Sleep will ultimately prevail.

I also intend to upload some new artwork onto A Paler Shade of Pink, which has somehow morphed into my art journal. I'm very comfortable sharing my sketches and works in progress there, so from now on that is where you can find them. Yes, I know, I can see many of you rolling your eyes and wishing I would just stay put in one place, for the love of pete, but considering my bouncing around soothes my inner-artist I just have to plead the 5th and pray you all stay with me until I finally get 'settled'.

Hah. All this internet travel from a woman who absoutely hates change. You'd think I'd find one "home" and stick with it.

Ah well...plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose...

Until tomorrow. It feels good to be back.

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