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A Drama Queen After All 

Well. Well well well well well.

Double well.

If there was a toe cheese award, I would be the recipient.

You know all my ranting and raving a couple of days ago? It was all a mistake. Yep, you guessed it; a big fat gnarly ugly stupid dreadful misunderstanding. I am terribly embarrassed. It seems I spent the better part of last night feasting on a meal of crow and humble pie, and here you see me at breakfast with a healthy dose of egg on my face.

Sigh. These things happen. You would think I would stop and listen to my husband's advice once in a while instead of going off like a sawed off shotgun, but one day I'll learn that maybe he's clued in more than I give him credit for. Of course, you'd think if I would slow down and learn how to read then perhaps 90% of this wouldn't have happened, but hey, cut me some slack. I need new glasses.

Anyway, it's over and everybody is happy once again. Despite my sheepishness over the whole mess, I have to say in some ways I'm glad it happened. If it didn't, I may never had my epiphany and personal growth may not have occurred. Although I feel extremely silly about the whole thing, I can honestly say I feel the wiser for it, and we can always benefit from a little more wisdom.

In an ironic twist of events, my little cat has diarrhea again; somehow I find that oddly appropriate.

After wallowing in my sea of humility after the afore mentioned events, I decided to change my template and give the ever-lofty, ever-aloof, ever-chic Haldir a break from the masses and send him back to Lothlorien for a while. I have replaced him with a pod of rather cheeky dolphins, painted only as the wonderful Royce McClure can paint them. I have been sorely missing the ocean, a place I have not lived since I was seven years old. Sometimes something just gets in your blood and refuses to let go. In many ways I'm a bit of an oxymoron (moron being the operative word) where the ocean is concerned; I'm terrified of it and don't think I could swim in it, and yet it's mysterious beauty draws me as a moth to a flame. I cannot think of anything on this earth more beautiful, save the faces of my children. Robert once asked me in curiosity what is was about dolphins that attracted me so, and after thinking about it I replied, "Because through them I see God."

Wow. Can it really get better than that?

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