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Happy Early Valentine's Day! 

Yes, my Freaky Darlings, I am back and my blog is all dolled up for Valentine's Day!
And, no, all you Legoli-fans, I'm not going to be displaying the ever snobby-ever-cool Haldir forever, but for now you just have to deal.

There is sooooooooooo much to tell since last I've blogged, but I will have to come back and indulge you later today. All of my spare time was spent tinkering with the new logo and background (which all took longer to make than I thought. I'm such a perfecionist!). There were also a couple of blinkies for a certain Weather Goddess I had to finalize, and now I find myself with two children wanting lunch and a cat box begging to be cleaned. Ah, such is the life of a suburban house frau.

And I wouldn't change it for all the high-life living in the world.

So, without further ado, I will see you all later this afternoon. Come prepared with a cup of your favorite beveage, comfy slippers, and some cookies for me. C'ya soon!

Mah mood:glad to be back
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