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It Came! It Finally Came! 

My beloved Spring Fairy is here! She's actually here! Woohoo!!

I first saw her last Friday, and fell so head over heals for her that I promptly placed a Priority Mail order with Paw Prints. I know Priority only takes 2-3 business days, so I waited all weekend in aniticipation, salivating at the thought of all her lovliness.

Until I found out...Monday was President's Day which meant no mail.

Who came up with that shingidg??? No mail??? Didn't the government know I was waiting for a beloved parcel that would enable me to begin stitching one of the most gorgeous designs I've ever beheld? Didn't they realize they were depriving a decent, hardworking citizen the time of chill-ment and fulfillment? Didn't they know?? Didn't they care?????

Needless to say, this news was broken to me while I was on the phone with Angi and Misty on that very Monday, so they got to clean up the mess of my bitter disappointment.

And then came Tuesday...oh, what a Happy Day!

I had almost given up hope that she would arrive, because I checked the mail around 2pm and all that the box beheld was a magazine and two stale little ad cards. I shuffled back to the house, dejected and folorn, only to hear the mail truck zoom in at 5pm with my package in tow! (It would seem the stale mail was left over from Saturday, the day we forgot to check the box). I swept down on the mail box like a crazed harpy after a scrap of meat, retreiving the precious parcel in utter delight. Clutching the package to my bosom, I ran inside and tore it open, only to ooh and ahh at the blue eyed beauty and frantically search for the floss list.

Well. I am, indeed, smitten.

I started stitching her last night on Morning Dew Belfast by Silkweavers, of which I will leave a decent portion of the fabric showing when framed to serve as the mat. Changes will be as follows:

1) Sky blue sparklies added to the eyes and head jewel.

2) Opal sparklies added to the white flowers in her garland and butterfly.

3) Sunburst sparlkies added to her shoulder to give the illusion of a glitter mesh gown.

Other than that, everything stays the same!

I think what surprised me the most was the clarity of the chart. It's only four pages, and you can actually "see" the figure in the pattern. While it's true there are over 90 colors alloted for the piece, there are enough block areas so it doesn't feel like it's confetti city every where you stitch. It's going to be a true pleasure to stitch, that much is for certain.

And, just so you know what is going to be monopolizing my time over the next four years, may I present the Spring beauty and her illustrious sisters:

Spring Fairy

Autumn Fairy

Summer Fairy

Winter Fairy

Gorgeous. Absolutley gorgeous.:)

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