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A Quick Promise 

I don't have much time, for I'll be jetting off to church for a meeting in just a few minutes. However, I feel that what I have to say is so important that it just cannot wait.

As someone who is contemplating the possibility of joining the profession art world, I need all of the encouragement and inspiration I can get. I have been perusing many artists over the past few days, trying to get a "feel" of what is considered marketable quality. I have been astounded and overjoyed at many of the images that have met my eyes, and quite delighted that so many talented people have chosen to share their talents to the public.

I did, however, find a painting that took what I hold dearest in the world and proceeded to stomp it into the ground. I realize that art is designed to make people think, but it left me feeling very cold and, in turn, rather unappreciative of the artist. What this piece did inspire in me, however, was a desire to build up rather than destroy in my work and to share things of light and joy rather than finger pointing and disgust. That is not to say I will never paint something profound or even sad (there has been some events that have happened over the past couple of days that have left me feeling very folorn, indeed, and scared for my nation). On the whole, I will use my artwork to hopefully lift up, beautify, and inspire, and never, *ever* to accuse or tear down.

This is a promise I make to you all. There is enough pain and madness in the world as it is; there is no need to add to it through the beautiful medium of Art.

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