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Calling the Kettle Black 

It's a patchouli kind of day; whether or not you like the scent determines if this day is good or bad.

I love the stuff, particularly when mixed with sweet orange blossom. Left on their own, one is too sweet and the other too musky; once combined, it is a marriage of perfection that leaves the olfactory bulb sighing in delight.

At least it does mine; Rhonda, my sister-in-law, hates patchouli, and is probably blowing chunks into her avacodo salad as she reads this. Oh, well...she's a Beautiful kind of girl, all green and floral; patchouli base notes need not apply.

In the news today: fur. Now, let me start off by saying I'm not real big into fur. I don't wear it, not because it's the "PC" thing to do, but because it's not my thing. I see it as a personal choice, and I'm not going to chuck red paint on a fur wearer or stick gum in their mink stole. I'm not even going to call them "idiots" or other choice phrases as chosen by Pamela Anderson in regards to J. Lo, who wears fur like the rest of us wear leather. It's awesome to say what you think, but sometimes we need to be careful lest we end up looking a bit silly ourselves.

Point in case: the "hypermammiferous bombshell" (snark) has apparently sniped to Jane magazine, saying, "People who wear fur smell like a wet dog and they look fat and gross. They look really immature and unenlightened."

These words, coming from *this* woman:

To say 'it takes one to know one' would be far, far too easy. I guess it's okay to wrap your body in imagination-defying rubber dresses, make a career off your boobs, dress your children in studded biker leather and make porn films with your then-husband Tommy Lee (oh, I know, I know: "We didn't know we were being filmed! Honest!" Yeah, right...and Paris is a Catholic schoolgirl), but if you wear fur you are apparently "immature and unenlightened".

Well. I guess you learn something new everyday.

Here's the whole story if you are interested; I think I feel asleep once they left the bleached-blonde and focused on PETA aka "Let's-Get-J.Lo-Cause-She's-Not-Sucking-Up-To-Our-Demands". Let me know how it all turns out.

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