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Forest Maiden 

Sorry to bore all of you with all this art talk, blah blah blah, but it seems to be the thing I'm persuing right now, that and my finalizing some designs to submit to Dinky Dyes.

Very little stitching and a whole lot of drawing...that's my lot right now.

Here's what I finshed last night:

She's not perfect, but I love the effect. Hard to believe what can be done with Prismacolor colored pencils, but they really are the best! Combined with the Prismacolor markers you can get some cool effects.

I've uploaded her to my art site. I'm really hoping to get my older works on there this weekend (think Wavedancer and Hadassah), but you all know how easily I get side tracked. I must have a huge dose of testosterone in me...I can't seem to multi-task very well, and as we all know for a woman the ability to do three things at once is practicaly a requirement for proper functioning.

Oh well...keep praying for me. I'll with it, sooner or later.
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