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A Heartfelf Thank You 

I don't know if it's because I'm still upset about having to miss the Georgia GTG yesterday, or if it's because I'm catching a nasty cold, or if it's just from the general roller coaster I've been on lately, but I'm feeling terribly emotional today. It may also be because I found a folder in my e-mail titled "BOLO", from which I placed the flood of e-mails I got last year when my son went missing.

I was overwhelmed with awe for the sheer love I felt from the stitching and non-stitching community alike. I cannot express to everyone how much I truly love them. How short sighted of me to forget the emmense support I recieved during that time! You all were so wonderful, and with each and every letter that I read my heart nearly broke for the incredible love I felt towards my family. It was a tremendously stressful time for me, but I realize it was not just me that felt that stress, but also all of you who shared that time with me. I love you all more than I can possibly say.

To each and every one of you...Thank You. I Truly Love You.
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