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Yep, I weighed again this morning, just to see two more pounds gone. That makes a total of 7 pounds since Sunday.

How on earth is that possible??? If I had been excersicing like crazy, I could understand, but I haven't. I bought a new Leslie Sansone in-home walking tape today at Wal-Mart, and I plan on starting it this afternoon, but I hope it doesn't jinx this rapid weight loss!:)

Back in August I had set a goal for 25 pounds gone by Christmas. Due to my horrible eating and lack of activity since then, I didn't think that would be possible. Now, however, I think I may be able to reach a 20 pound goal if I'm very careful. Hey, at this point I'll take 15 and be thrilled.

Whether I make the Christmas goal or not, my goal of 50 pounds gone by next August is my biggie. I want to lose 80 pounds total, but 50 is a very important mark for me. Once I get there, I'll tell you why.:)

Last night I came up with a little questionaire, which somehow became a little twist on the ABC one that was going around some time last year. I've dubbed it my ABCs and XYZs and I thought I would share it here.:)

Astronomy or Astrology? Astronomy.
Butterflies or Dragonflies? Both.
Coffee or Tea? COFFEE!
Dogs or Cats? Definitely cats.
Energetic or Lazy? Depends on my mood, but most of the time I'm lazy.
Fall or Summer? Fall.
Gold or Silver? Silver (although I "look" more like a gold)
Hot weather or Cold? I prefer somewhere in between.
Ice-cream or Cake? I'm a cake girl, all the way.
Juice or Soft Drink? Soft drink, defintely.
Knitting or cross-stitching? BOTH!
Legolas or Haldir? Haldir!:)
Moon or Sun? Moon.
Night or Day? Night.
Ocean or Mountains? Ocean!!
Pepsi or Coke? Coke (Diet).
Quick-paced life or Slow? I prefer the slow life, to be sure.
Red or Pink? Pink!
Sweet tooth or Sour? Sweet!
Teal or Turquoise? Turquoise.
Underwear or Thong? Please...underwear, thank you!
V-necks or Round? Round.
White chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Yes!!
X-Men or Superman? X-Men are way cooler...
Young or Old? Middle-aged in body but young at heart.
Zagnut or Butterfinger? Zagnut, you just can't beat the toasted coconut!

How about you?:)

I've even thought about making a virtual scrapbook page of these things, but I'm not really good at that sort of thing. I may have to play around in PSP to see what I come up with.:D

On the plate today: laundry, excersice, stitching, knitting, and church! Sounds like a full plan to me.:)
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