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Barefoot and... 


It's one of my favorite kinds of days: overcast with the promise of rain. The temperature has started to drop, which is appropriate for late November (and after 20 years of living in Georgia, I've learned to expect the unexpected in regards to the weather, even if the weather should be exactly what one would expect. But I digress).

It's no secret I'm a die-hard barefoot kind of chick, and as I type this my feet are indeed bare, albiet rather cold. I need to find some socks. I've been getting away with wearing really fancy sandals to church (which, even I admit, look kind of weird with sweaters) but the weather has grown even a tad too cool for me to try and get away with bare feet anymore. It's one thing when I'm inside and toasty, but quite another when I'm skipping across town. However, the main problem is that aside from my sneakers (which are not appropriate for the platform, which is where I sing with the Praise Team) I do not have any closed shoes. The closest thing I have is my black heeled leathers, but even they are slipper style. That's what I wore this morning with black hose, and what I will wear again tonight. The truth is that I could go to church barefoot and no one would say anything (it is holy ground, after all) but Robert won't hear of it. Besides, even I know a little about good fashion sense, and it would seem rather tacky to be schlepping along in my nice church clothes with bare feet poking out all over the place. Or, I could just start a new fashion trend; you never know.

Yesterday I did what I set out to do: bulldoze my room! I tossed a ton of movies and gathered two huge boxes of books that I intend to give out as Christmas presents. Everyone in my family are huge readers, and whether the book is old or new matters not; if it's the printed word, we're there.

I've also been zipping along with my knitting. I've been knitting away, just keeping in the habit of practice. I have a very simple scarf pattern I want to make, and it involves two colors which will be great at practicing changing colors. The lovely Fudgey sent me some links to making socks, which I don't know in a million years if I'll ever be able to do but I'm sure going to try. These barefeet will give up nekkid status for knitted footsies in a heart beat, be sure of that!

One of the thing I love about knitting is that it makes me feel comfortable. I feel oddly feminine when I knit, as well as productive. I hate my hands to be idle, and sometimes cross stitching just doesn't 'get it', especially when I'm tired and can't read the symbols of the pattern. With knitting, I'm pretty much good to go. I fear I have bitten by the bug hard, and all I have to say is that I hope it remains. So, don't be surprised if my knitting blogs crop up in my blog list.

Ah, I just looked at the time: gotta go! It's church night, and Praise Team practice starts at 5 PM (meet La Soprano).

Nite. Stay warm!

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