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I'm Home 

I'm back, and gosh it feels good.

I honestly didn't think I would ever return to this space, and I'm glad I ventured out onto other blogging quests. I thought this chapter was closed, finished, gone; how was I to know it was only the beginning?

I feel like I'm slipping into an old sweatshirt, the kind that is worn and soft and follows the contours of your body. Like an old friend who is always there for you, I am recapturing my reign as Fully Caffeinated. It had become me, and I never truly felt like myself without it.

As promised, Black Cat of the Family is now my photo blog, something I have been wanting to do for a while but never took the time. I will be posting pictures every month of things that interest me, mainly my family, my furbabies, and my home. I hope they are of interest to you as well, and help give you a visual into the world that is mine.

Welcome home, Freaky Dahlings. I have missed you.:)

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