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Less of Me 

I'm stunned. Absolutely stunned.

I've been fasting carbs over the past two days, and there is exactly five pounds less of me today than there was on Sunday. I have not drank an excessive amount of water, nor have I excercised. I've only been trying to rid my body of all the sugars I've cummulated over the past few months, and hopefully lose some weight in the deal.

5 pounds in two days...not too shabby!

I'm following the food plan for Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet to help me get focused again on weight loss, and it hasn't been as difficult as I thought. I've actually enjoyed meals like sirloin meatballs in light Ragu sauce with fat-free mozeralla cheese and a salad, which I admit was a little weird without the pasta but excellent all the same. Today for dinner I've planned stir-fried chicken with sauteed zucchini, one of my favorite Body-for-Life meals, only it will be without a carb.

The hard, cold truth is that I've gained 17 pounds back over the past year, but considering I'm focused again I don't forsee a problem losing it. I have a goal to lose 35 pounds by May, and 50 by next August. I don't think that is unreasonable, especially once I add my excercise regime back into the plan. Woohoo!

On the knitting front: I'm hooked. Or perhaps I should say, I'm 'needled'. Either way, I told Robert I almost love knitting more than cross stitching. He gasped and told me that was sacriledge, which is why I said almost. It's too much in my blood to give up completely, but I don't think it will mind taking a temporary back seat to my new knitting passion.

Last night was very productive. The colors I bought were Red Heart's Claret and Cornmeal. I did not find a varigated to go with them, but I don't think it will matter. I've decided to change the pattern a little bit and make the Cornmeal stripe longer than the Claret stripe, which I think will work nicely. I didn't find the size 6 needles like I wanted, so I'm using my bamboo 8's instead. I've decided wood is the way to go, and I plan to have a set of bamboo in every size. I saw some beautiful rosewood ones, but they are pretty expensive and I want to become a little more accomplished before I get them. I will consider them a reward for finishing a project or two. Nothing like stash for motivation, hm?:)

I'm also going through my stitching stash. I have so many unfinished projects it's not even funny. What to do? Should I hang on to them in hopes of actually finishing them one day, or should I give them away to people who might actually finish them one day? Ah, the dilemmas in the life of a stitcher. Everyone's life should be this easy.
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