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It's 1:30 AM in the morning, and I need to get my sorry bum to bed or sorry I truly will be when I wake up. The coffee I've had over the past few hours is not wanting to say goodnight, hence the later-than-usual post.

Last night (or should I say earlier this evening) I organized my 2006 lineup and pulled floss for my boxes. I will take a picture of them later today, in hopes of answering the question "Do you bobbinate or don't you?" with a few visuals. Through this insessant organizing, I've decided to list the first few projects from the lineup that are calling to me from the vast beyond to stitch!stitch!stitch!

And the first projects will be:

Castle of Spring, Deco Spirits, Gaelic Banner, and Star Maiden.

(and the crowd goes wild!)

The rest will follow once those are finished. I may also reserve the weekends for a freebie or two, or something small from Jeanette Crews "Good Words".

And wouldn't you know, right before I go to get up, a big fat boo boo of a black kitty plops down in my lap and looks up at me with sleepy eyes begging to be kissed on the tip of his ebony nose. Ah, what's a mom to do but comply? I will as soon as I finish this sentence...And then said boo boo decides I took too long and stands up, giving me the one-eyed salute before springing off onto the floor below.

Of course. Felines. Gotta love 'em.

Edit: It's just a little after 12 noon, and I've just recieved an e-mail from Heaven and Earth Designs. Someone has taken it upon themselves to send me the chart Ice Wind 1 and no name was given. It was listed 'from a friend'. I cannot begin to express my sheer joy at getting such a gift. I positively adore this piece, for when I look at it I feel nothing but light and warmth. It's a huge piece: it contains over 90 colors and measures approx. 14" x 21" when stitched over one on 25 count. However, it will be a masterpiece when finished. Methinks I will add it into my 2006 lineup, right behind Deco Spirits. It may take me the rest of the year to work on it, but it will be a wonderful journey.

Thank you, dear friend, whomever you are! You have truly blessed me today.
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