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Miz Productivity 

Today has been one of those kinds of days where I actually want to tidy and clean and do all those sorts of homey things.

Here is what I have acomplished so far:

1) Organized Jessi's room

2) Organized and cleaned David's room (which was *really* bad, how does he manage?)

3) Cleaned the kitchen

4) Loaded/run dishwasher

5) Unload dishwasher

6) One load of laundry (with two more to go)

7) Tidy living room

8) Pay the bills

Here is what I still need to do:
1) Make up my bed (didn't have the heart to because Gypsy was curled up so cute and comfy and I didn't want to disturb her. Nah, my cats don't run my life...)

2) Vaccum

3) Finish laundry

The icing on the cake was when I finished my bills I discovered we had more money left over than I thought. Woohoo! Gotta love that.:)

My computer is on the fritz again, but we think this time it's only the video card. Blegh. I am going to try to upload some new pics to my photo blog, if I can get them uploaded to the computer successfully. I really want to upload a pic of my Cheshire Cat scarf, which gave me a moment of panic last night; I had dropped a stitch and could not fix it, so I ended up ripping out nearly ten rows and somehow managed to loop the scarf back on my needle and keep chugging. I've even been taking it to church with me to work on after prayer and before the service starts.:)

On the cross stitching front, I've tabled a couple of BAPs and I've started some small designs that I actually have a snowball's chance in You-Know-Where of finishing before my great-grandchildren are born. I'm working on Dragon Dreams "Castle of Spring", and I have some other designs of Jen's that I've been wanting to work on. I love dinosaurs but not nuts about dragons, so I'll be de-winging some of the draggies to better suit my sensibilities.:)

Well, that's about it for today. I need to go fold another load of laundry and run the vaccum, and then perhaps I'll treat myself to a honkin' big mug of coffee and stitch time.
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