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Officially a Knit-Wit! 

Yes, I have started my very own knitting notebook! And the crowds go wild!

I've decided to knit up a catalouge of sampler stitches to keep in this notebook, all with the same yarn consistency and size. For the first two swatches I've used plain worsted weight, which is basically a four-ply yarn (this is for those who have no clue about this sort of thing, but considering I may be the last person on the planet to be learning these things I'm probably wasting your time. But so what, if your reading this blog that means you've have time to spare anyway, so what's one more minute? But I digress.) I've used Red Heart's Cornmean and TLC's Robin's Egg Blue, which actually stitches up a tad grayer than it looks on the skein.

Behold my samples of the Reverse Stockinette stitch and the Garter Stripe stitch:

I'm chuffed about them, I am! I know it's not a scarf or a sweater, but I love knitting these little swatches; it gives me the practice I need, they are super quick, and I can actually have something to refer to when the need occurs.

I've also started a rainbow sweater for myself using Caron's Simply Soft Brites (yes, I like day-glo! It's my latent-hippie, I suppose). I decided to do the neon instead of traditional rainbow colors, and it's just dreamy to the touch.

Here is my progress so far:

The colors I've knit so far are Watermelon and Mango, and the other colors (in order) will be Lemondade, Limelight, Blue Mint, Berry Blue and Grape. The pattern is simple, just a combo of knit and purls. I made one little booboo and knit where I should have purled, but it's only two stitches and I was not going to rip out the whole thing for two stitches. On a more complex design, I would, but not on my first scarf. It gives it character.:)

Here is a closeup of the joined yarns:

Not bad for a wet-behind-the-ears-newbie, huh? Huzzah! I'm hoping to get the Lemonade stitched on today, as well and the Limelight.

I am enjoying this project so much and it's so relaxing that I can't wait to get the rest of the colors on. It will be awesome to actually wear something I've made with my own two hands. The only problem is that there are so many other projects I want to work on that I'm afraid I may become a serial starter.

Hmm...anyone else knows what that feels like?;)
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