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On the Road Again 

Yesterday I started my journey towards Rivendell again a la Eowyn Challenge. I use Leslie Sansone's In Home Walking aerobics program, where you basically walk a mile or two per session. It will take me a hundred years to get there doing it this way, but at least I'll get fit along the way.

Had another weigh-in this morning: one more pound zapped, which makes a total of 8 pounds since Sunday. I am going to keep track of my loss and excersice tally at the bottom of each post, to help me see at a glance my progress (and also help keep me motivated when the "dreaded plateau" decides to strike).

So, in review:
Weight loss tracker
Start date: 11/27/05
Weight lost today: 1 pound
Miles walked: 1Total weight loss: 8 pounds


BTW, I made this blinkie for any Eowyn Challenge participants to use. I'm going to make a section of links in my sidebar for Shieldmaidens for those Rivendell walkers so we can keep tabs on each other!:)

Isn't she cute?:) I can't take credit for the doll (I forget where I got it, I collect so many of them!) but I made the base. It's unanimated at the moment, but I kind of like it that way. I may animate it in the future, we'll see.

A very cute and unrelated story: I put some Heaven and Earth Designs on my Christmas list, and gave Michele's number to my Mom. She didn't have a link to the web site, so she called and asked to speak to Michele to place her order. Michele wasn't there, so Bob answered instead. My Mom asked him, "Do you know Stacey Tippin?". She said he sounded very lively and excited and said, "Why yes, she's one of our artists!". Mom introduced herself as my mother and they chatted, etc. I had forgotten to tell her Bob was Michele's husband, and thes she told me she thought it was so nice that even the "Christmas staff" knew who I was! I said, "Mom, he's no staff, he's the propriator!" She had no idea, and just assumed the office staff would be the ones answering the phones! We both had a good chuckle, and she was so impressed with how nice he was. Once again, HAED's customer service totally prevails. My mom was so impressed by his friendliness and enthusiasm. I even told her about their wonderful e-mail options, and that in a couple of days Michele would be releasing some new ones, and that I may have a couple of more items to add my Ho Ho list :: grin ::.

On the knittier side of things, I've finished three stripes of my striped scarf, but due to not having my camera software installed (still) I can't post a picture. It's turning out so nice. Not that it's blemish-free; far from it. I've made some boo-boos here and there, but so far nothing catastropic. I don't get "weaving" yet, so I've been tying knots and cutting the extra strings from the color changes, but they mask up pretty good. I'm having such a good time with this project that I want to make scarves for all of us. The current burgundy and gold one will be for David, purple and pink for Jessi, black and red for Robert, and then maybe a rainbow one for me. They are a blast, and are very easy for a beginner.


I'm planning on picking up on my Got Fairy project that I started earlier this summer. It was my first HAED ever, and I've been kind of nostalgic for it. The colors in the floss box are simply stunning, and considering pink in every shade is my favorite color, I'm totally drawn to this piece. I have over half of page one done, which consists of the upper half of her left wing. Not to mention, I would love to finish one page of at least one of my HAEDs.

I'm heading out now to pick up my son from school. We have to get him a white sweatshirt for his class tomorrow; they are decorating them for Christmas. Hmm, perhaps I'll stop by Michaels and scope out the yarn, one can never have too much yarn...

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