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Stitching and More Stitching... 

Before my post, I must take the time to decorate this blog for the upcoming Christmas festivities:

There. That is *so* much better.

Now...it's time for a few pictures.

Here is my progress on Castle of Spring:

It's being stitched on a Silkweaver limited color called Waterfall. I purchased it a couple of years ago, and it's perfect for this piece.

I thought I would share a few piccas on how I organize my works in progress. I am a total bobbinator, and if my floss box is not orderly I can't function. Normally, I will reserve one box per project, but if I am working on two small projects I will share a box. Right now I am working on Castle of Spring and the soon-to-be Deco Spirits, and since they both do not require a large amount of floss they share a box.

Deco Spirits is on the left and CoS is on the right. Each project has to have it's own scissors, as you can see here (with one of Angi's gorgeous fobs attached to it). The bottom right hand corner in every kit is used as an ort jar, and I empty it when it gets full.

Here is a pic of my stitching notebook, where I keep all the charts for my WIPs as well as any notes or color conversions for each project:

Here is a picture of my stitching shelf, the place where I keep my current kitted projects:

Here you see a box of sparklies, the DS and CoS kit, the Weeping Willow Keep kit, the Star Maiden kit, the Gaelic Banner kit, my stitching notebook, and fabric. You can also see a picture of the Georgia Stitchers Floss Lickers club on the shelf above it (one of my prized possessions).

Here is a picture of my stitching corner, of which you can see my knitting peeking out from behind the end table:

And last but not least, here is the progress so far of my Cheshire Cat scarf (of which I had to rip out nearly an entire color and start again):

Well, that's it for now! I'm going to be pretty busy over the next week, with finalizing some charts for Jo and, of course, with Christmas. Hopefully I'll get another post in or two, but I wanted to get these pictures up before things got too terribly busy.:)
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