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Stitching Lineup 2006 (and a bit of humble pie) 

Seeing as I'm still on this organizing kick, I thought I would organize my WIPs lineup for 2006. I dug out an old notebook that holds some older projects, and decided I wanted to finish some of what I started.

So, here's what is to be my 2006 lineup:

1) Fantasy Wedding Blessing and Castle of Spring by Dragon Dreams (although this may be finished before the New Year)

2) Celtic Cross (very nearly finished) and Gaelic Banner by Dracolair

3) Scent of Old Roses (modified) and Deco Spirits by Mirabilia (had started it long ago but spilled lotion on it so had to tank it)

4) Mermaid by Teresa Wentzler (started looooooooong ago, decided not to finish, then decided to finish after all)

5) Weeping Willow Keep by Chatelaine (almost finished with one page)

6) Star Maiden, Fantavisions, a section of Night Sky Spins, and Flaming June from Heaven and Earth Designs. Understand all of this is subject to change, for I will resume my winter themed HAEDs for the 2006 Fall/Winter season. I'm also hoping to get Ian Daniel's Luna for Christmas, on which could be an immediate start.

Freebies include:
1) Dragon Dreams "Coffee Is Magic" (changed to "Coffee Is Miraculous")
2) Mirabilia's Bejeweled Bugs series

I was going to provide links to all the pieces, but I decided to be lazy and just provide links to the designers. Sorry, I just feel like a slug today.

Now: don't think for a minute I have any delusions of actually getting all of these finished. I can tell you right now, the TW and HAEDs will roll over into 2007 and probably 2008, but it's nice to have a goal. I can reasonably see the Celtic Cross and Deco Spirits getting finished, as well as the freebies. Castle of Spring will probably be finished before Jan 1st, or at least that is my goal. I would love to finish my Gaelic Banner, but it's a very long piece and I'm afraid of green burnout. It's such a gorgeous piece, however, and there is a story that goes along with this design that makes it very special to me (but I won't tell you until I'm finished with the project, so you'll just have to wait. Nenar nenar!).

On a personal note, I want to say that I'm healing. I know I've spoken about my bouts of depression pretty freely, but I've downplayed a lot of it. I've struggled with some things over the past few months that has left me knocked for a loop and not knowing what to do. I've even considered leaving my church: not leaving my faith, but just not going for a while because things were so painful, things I had created in my mind. I know now, however, that it was the one thing the devil wanted me to do; he knows that if he can seperate us from our spiritual base that he can torment us and feed us lies. Well, I've listened to enough of his bull-lark for long enough, and it's time I step up to the plate and start listening to God for a while.

Thank you to everyone who has understood, and I apologize for those I owe e-mails to. I've been forgetful, and I find that if I don't respond to someone as soon as I read it I will: 1) forget about the mail entirely, or 2)think I've responded when I haven't. This is my HUGE New Year's resolution, for forgetting e-mails is no longer "cute" or "eccentric" anymore. It's rude and unbecoming, and I am completely humbled. So...if you've written me in the past couple of months, expect an e-mail soon!:)

Thanks for your comments and prayers. I love you all so dearly.
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