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Tag I'm It 

I've been tagged by Dana to share my list of ten things that range from the strange to the utterly boring.

Here goes:

1) I can't curl my tongue, a talent I sorely wish I had.

2) I am very Goldilocks-ish about my bananas; if they are slightly green, they are too hard. If they are slightly brown, they are too soft. When they are golden yellow, they are just right!

3) When grocery shopping, I can't take the item in front that everyone has pawed over, I have to take the product behind the one in front. It's fresher. I'm particularly obsessive this way over magazines.

4) My second toe on my right foot has a slightly deformed toenail.

5) I have no tolerance for things in general when I'm sick (sorta like today).

6) I have a perfect ring of green around my pupils, which makes my eyes look green on many occassions (although they are really blue).

7) My staple pizza is extra cheese and banana peppers, with the occasional pepperoni.

8) I like my name. However, if I could change my name to anything in the world I would change it to Arwen.

9) I thought the Phantom in the film's version of Phantom of the Opera looked better in his disfigured state than Raoul looked in his natural one.

10) I think the moon is one of God's most exquisite creations.

There you have it, the UN can now resume it's meetings.

Tags go to Val, Belinda, and Rosemary. Enjoy.

More to add:

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