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Two More Days 

Two more days until I start Phase II of the South Beach Diet. I weighed this morning, and I'm standing strong at 10 pounds gone. Woot!

Both of my children are in school this morning. Ah, to relax at the computer with nary but a cup of coffee. Bliss. This weekend will be nothing but a wonderful mass of blog reading, knitting, stitching, and sketching (I've got a couple of designs for Jo that I need to work on).

Speaking of knitting, I'm starting to freak out a little on my scarf. I am chugging away on it and it's looking great, but it's starting to 'curl' in on itself, even though it has knit stitches on the side to anchor it. I'm hoping the curl will go away once I block it, but considering I have a ways to go before it's finished I just need some reassurance. Maybe the yarn I'm using is too soft to support a stockinette stitch, but I hope that is not the case; I've done a lot of work so far. I actually started my turquoise band, so I'm almost finished with the first rainbow set. Hm.

BTW, Kirsten asked me how in the world how I'm able to do all the above mentioned things with the kiddos around, and my answer is this: the annual "Parents Night Out" day hosted by their school, a 12-6pm extravaganza specially designed to cater to parents and children alike. I will indulge in six lovely hours of someone else caring for the kitlets, knowing that while I'm relaxing at home from the holiday stress they are running around like banshees, having the time of their lives with their friends. Ah, yes! I am sated.


Meet the Prom Dress a la 2006

I saw this on Dana's blog and had to share. If this doesn't speak volumes about our society, nothing does...
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