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Food For Thought 

I'm sitting here after stuffing my face with Krispy Kreme donoughts (I'll get back to Body-For-Life on Monday, I swear) and thinking deep thoughts, such as:

1) Does anybody else think Tilda Swinton (the White Witch in Narnia) looks like Galadriel's super-freaky evil twin sister? It didn't ruin the movie for me because she was so fantastically good, but I would have prefered her to at least been a brunette; it might have diluted the "evil elf-twin" thing.

2) Why on earth Wolverine didn't dump the bland Jean Gray and run off with the incredibly exotic Storm never ceases to amaze me (although I thought Iman would have made a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better Storm than Halle Berry).

3) Coffee...where in the name of all that is holy and good did I put my coffee???

Ah, such deepness in the early hours of the day; scary.
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