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Hmm. This morning I'm feeling odd, slightly displaced. It's kind of a Frodo-ish "gee-I-can-see-everyone-around-me-but-they-are-surrounded-by-swirly-smoky-things-and-someone-keeps-saying-"I SEE YOU-and-what-are-these-weird-looking-dudes-in-white-looking-at-me" kind of displaced.

Well. Moral of the story: never watch Fellowship of the Ring right before bed.

In more normal news, I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning my bathroom and bedroom like a crazed Molly Maid. I even tackled laundry and made out my master grocery list, which lists everything I want to keep in the house. I made divisions for Fridge/Dairy, Pantry, Produce, Pharmacy, Kid's Bathroom, Our Bathroom, Cleaning Supplies, Meats, Freezer and Miscelleneous. Once I got that finished, I went back and took off those things I have in the house, and -voila!- instant shopping list. Unfortunately, it's one whopper of a list, for I'm shopping for my Body-for-Life. *Lotsa* protein to buy, not to mention Myoplex shakes which are not cheap but great for weight-training. On a side note, I think I'm the only one this side of the Northern Hemisphere that actually likes the taste of these things, so I'm looking forward to getting them. Robert's not crazy about them, and complains that they leave a weird film in plastic cups, even after a thorough washing. He's right, they do, but I promised him I will use my own special Shake Cup just for those occassions.

Ah, compromise...it's a wonderful thing, yes?

This morning I was delighted to find that I can indeed still purchase V'tae's Lemon Rose, a scent they discontinued and replaced it with Cucumber Rose. Ew. I discovered the Lemon Rose a couple of years back, and instantly fell in love with it. The rose note in the fragrance keeps the lemon from smelling too sour, and the lemon keeps the rose from smelling too sweet. It's a wonderful everyday scent, and since we all know what a scent junkie I am I was very happy to find it on Amazon.com. I ordered the perfume and the body lotion at insanely cheap prices, and now I don't have to hoard my very last few drops of lotion I still have left. I'm nearly at the bottom of the bottle, and I have not been looking forward to the day when it's all gone. And now I don't have to! Yay me!

I worked a bit on my purple faery last night. I've been telling myself for ages that I would draw a blonde faery in purple in honor of Fudgey, who loves faeries but is a bit distressed that so many of them seem to be brunettes. She's turning out kind of cute; nothing dramatic, just a simple pose, velvety clothing, and bold pink-and-purple wings. Pretty much my staples, I suppose. I should be done with her in a few days and I'll upload her to my deviantART gallery once she's finished.

Tonight: knitting and stitching! And maybe some more LOTR...

Daily Chore List:
1) Declutter desk

2) Bills

3) help David Timothy with homework

4) find new doctor for Robert

5) Laundry: wash/fold/put away

6) List blogs alphabetically
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