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I'm up insanely early, due to the fact that my children are wide-awake (it seems to be a law of nature that they can't *possibly* sleep past 6 AM on Saturday mornings) and also because I had the freakiest dream I've had this week. It has left me feeling displaced and edgy.

How many of us are actually willing to practice what we preach? Are you? Am I? When we feel wronged, do we lash out or do we let it go? The Bible teaches for us to let an offense end with the offender; in other words, when you feel you have been wronged do not add insult to injury by retaliating in kind. Stop and let it go. We want people to understand us, but so many times we are not willing to understand them.

Are you honestly willing to do that, or do you choose to hold on to your hurts? I ask myself this same question, and remember: whenever you point a finger at someone you have three fingers pointing back at yourself.

Perhaps if we remembered those three fingers of self-rebuke we would be better people.

I don't know what is with me this morning...maybe I'm just feeling a little freaked from my dream but I'm feeling something in the air. Something ominous. Maybe it's because Laura's service is today and the finality of everything is coming to a close. Last night I was so worn out that I went to bed at a little before ten, which is very early for me. I really wanted to go to bed at nine, but I just couldn't bring myself do something so insane. I thought the sleep would do me good, but I'm just feeling awful in my spirit. I need to go pray.

Be good to each other this weekend. Say a prayer for someone. Light a candle. Give a hug. Toast a glass.

Life is great, so celebrate.
I'll be around if you need someone to talk to. I know how powerful dreams can be. Usually it's my brain trying to tell me something that I'm not paying enough attention to in my waking world.

Lots of {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} for ya.
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