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Get-Fit Journey Begins 

I have a new blog, whoohoo!!

Now, don't any of you start panicking. I'm not going anywhere. When I came back to Fully Caffeinated, I promised you all this is where I would stay and stay I will. I just decided to make a blog that chronicles my get-fit journey, instead of cluttering up this one with menus, excersise routines, etc. It will focus mainly on the Body-for-LIFE program and my quest to keep my sanity while I'm fighting the urge to scarf down a box of Ho Hos in the process.

So...let's get fit and get a Fat Attitude! Hope to see you there!

I am now off to pick up my son from kindergarten and do some more cleaning. PSP is still not installed or I would chuck caution to the wind and show you my faery WIP, but it looks like I'll get to work on her a couple more days until that happens.
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