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Great Day! 

Forgive my whiney post yesterday...stuff happens.

Today, however, has been wonderful! I took David and Jessi to school (Jess had her weekly Mom's Morning Out class) and I used the time to run errands. I managed to make the beds and clean the cat boxes before we left for school, so I was able to run by the bank and go grocery shopping. If you are really interested in seeing what I've been compiling in my pantry over the past two days, you can find it here. See? That's why I put a get-fit blog together, so I wouldn't have to post all that stuff over here!:D

The weather here is so gorgeous I almost can't stand it. I so love Spring, and today is a Spring day like no other. Tomorrow's forcast, however, is slated to be very cold and windy. Gross. Ah, well...tis the way of the weather in Georgia.

I found something uber-cool on Rose's blog, and I just had to click one up for myself:

Word Cloud. Now if I could only find a way to use it in my sig line and still have it be readable.

Oh, yeah! Guess what I got yesterday in the mail? Only my favorite scent EVER!

This is the most wonderful scent in the world. It smells exactly like fresh-squeezed lemons and fresh roses. I was devestated to see that V'Tae had discontinued it, but I found it on Amazon.com for half the price V'Tae sold it for, so it's a nice trade off. I may need to stock up on it in the meantime before it disappears altogether. But for today, not only can I enjoy Spring weather today, but I can smell like Spring too!

Wheeee. Good day, yes, indeed.:)
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