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It's been a long weekend. It was pretty good, but I don't feel rested. In truth, I'm exhausted.

The fact that I'm night training my daughter as far as potty habits go is helping contribute to my tiredness. Despite the fact that she is not completely trained (and I'm dreading those bouts with 'No. 2) I have bit the bullet and decided no more trainers. I've finally figured out she has been using them as a crutch, and frankly so have I. She'll be four in August, and since she knows how to go 'No. 2 in the potty but just *won't*, I've decided it's high time to nix the trainers altogether.

So far, I have found she wets the bed at 3 AM and again at 6 AM, which means I need to get her up at 3 and 6 to get her trained. Oh yay. But, if it takes quickly, it will be so worth it. I'm also hoping once she is night trained that maybe, hopefully, she will decide that Mommy is right and it really is gross to go poopola in the pants and she'll use the potty all the time.

Pray for me.

On stitchier things, I'm hoping to have a picture of mermaid to post by the middle of this week. It will be nice to have an on line stitching diary again to track my progress. So far, this piece has been very soothing to work on. For that, I am grateful.

Today is the memorial service at Neil's for Laura. I really wish I could be there.
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