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I am so depressed. Sad, depressed. Angry. Confused. I don't know how I'm going to come to grips with this. I just don't understand.

However, things are starting to piece togther for me. They are starting to make sense, even though they will never completely make sense. So many people loved and cared about Laura. The blog posts from the blogosphere have been wonderful and comforting to read. I wish I could contribute to that warmth and comfort, but I just feel too raw. I've been checking the blogs to see if any information about the funeral and memorial service have been posted, but so far nothing new. When I spoke to Skye they still did not have the information so it's just a matter of waiting.

Laura felt things very deeply. Her and I connected almost immediately many years ago when we met online. We are worlds apart politically and spiritually, but it didn't matter; we always claimed we were soul-sisters, opposites split from the same comet. Her and I went through a rough patch not too long ago, all because of a misunderstanding. We talked about it at length through detailed e-mails, and in the end our friendship blossomed once again. It was great to see her blogging again and living life with what seemed out of the shadow of a depression that had gripped her for that one year, one she talks very openly about in her blog. I rejoiced with her when I saw her and Neil decide to buy a house, and was saddened each time she said she had not concieved. The meme I tagged her for was the last thing she posted on her blog.

God, how I miss her. So much, so soon.
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