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As you can see, I've got a new template. I have a moon.stars.night-time thingy going, which works for me. I admit the logo came out a little large, but considering I've used nearly everybody else's artwork in my logos I figured it was time I used some of my own for a change. The piece is called "Fireflies on Parade" and you can see the full version by clicking on the thumbnail below:

It's a very special piece to me, and I thought it was fitting all things considered. I may change it to something a little smaller in the near future, but for now it comforts me.

Well, it seems the Mirabilia board had a bit of excitement yesterday. I actually had to ban somebody. The person in question was obviously a troll, and used such manners and language that defined it as such. Look, the truth is I'm a pretty laid back board owner, so much so that other than a few tweaks and scans from the admins the board pretty much runs itself. Everyone loves one another, plays nice, and gets together to rave about stitching; pretty standard stuff. Well, then someone comes along and decideds to single some stitchers out to insult and aggravate, and then when I ban her (or him) said troll takes the time and effort to suit up under an new name and insults one of the admins in a very vicious way. We managed to ban 'its' new name and user IP. We've also been able to find out its service provider and the area it lives.

Later days, troll.

One of the things it said was that it has the right to its opinion. Well, not really. As far as I'm concerned, once a poster violates the guidelines of the board, it's buh-bye, and I don't care how good your fried chicken is or who your mama dated post World War II; you're off my board, and that's the end game.

Why people choose to entertain themselves in such a way is beyond me. I really hope I don't find out it's someone we know, or that would disappoint me in ways you cannot imagine. I would not hesitate to expose them on the boards. Hmm, I wonder if the same person responsible for all the hate mails sent to stitchers? You know, that brave intrepid soul who chooses to remain annonymous.

Like we all need this after the past few days, hmm? But, like I saw on a blog this morning, it's weird but life does go on. It doesn't stop for mildewed laundry, burnt cookies, disappearing children, or deaths of good friends. It plods on, and we must plod with it.

I'm starting to really hate February.
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