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I've been sick all weekend with The Crud of All Cruds, and today is not much better. I did manage to get one mile walked on my trek to Rivendell, but I'm not sure it didn't do me more harm than good.

It's Spring, and it's cold outside. What is up with that?????

I've taken a further step back into that land of stitching and decided to get involved with my HAED's again. I've missed the HAED board tremendously, but I needed the past few weeks alone with my Miras. It sounds all crazy and weird, but it's my way of coping with Laura's death. I'm still not completely at terms with it, but I'm as much at terms with it as I'll ever be. Maybe later I'll talk more about it, but right now that's all I want to say.

Sorry I've been so boring lately. Just remember: God is good even if life sometimes is not.

See you tomorrow.
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