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I'm sitting here after walking two miles with La Leslie, and I am one big red, heaving, sweaty, blobby mess. I can't believe I'm actually contemplating a quick break before walking one more mile to make a grand total of three. Am I insane? Harumph, what kind of question is that? I want to walk another mile, of course I'm insane.

Well, I'm hoping my tenacity will pay off this week with another pound zapped, but we'll have to wait and see. Tomorrow is my weigh day, and the day I'll be reporting my progress on Fat Attitude and the Walk to Rivendell board (links are in the sidebar, I'm just too blasted lazy to add them here, or perhaps it's the fact that my fingers are so sweaty they keep sliding over the keys. Whatever, either way you are all big boys and girls and know how to look for links in the sidebar, so I'll leave you to it! Either way, I digress).

Sigh. Zarquon frood!

Further update on the scent chronicles: I managed to aquire a little bottle of Victoria's Secret's Breathless, and all I can say is blech. The initial burst of scent is *wonderful*, but the drydown ends up smelling like wet gym socks on me. Dirty wet gym socks. Gym socks I've just walked two miles in. I so desperately wanted to like this scent for I love the first whiff, but ew. So I'm returning it for Pink, a more sparkly fruity scent. Pink combined with Vanilla Lace lotion may make me smell a bit like a custard fruit salad, but that is a whole lot better than smelling like nasty gym socks. Besides, I love vanilla and I'm in the mood for soft today.

Anyway, look for updates tomorrow. I'll either be laughing or crying in regards to weigh-loss, but either way I'll be enjoying my free day.


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