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Fresh Air 

After a bit of a much needed hiatus, I am feeling refreshed. I have refocused my priorities, and really thought about the things that are important. Easter Sunday was a huge turning point for me, mainly because I stopped to think about the cross and resurrection and what really took place during that time. The Bible tells me that through Jesus I can do all things, and I am finding out that nothing could be truer. One of the songs we sang is called "Because He Lives", and if you know the song then you know how sweet is that simple truth. Because He live, I truly can face tomorrow.

Things have been settling back into swing for me. It seems David has been diagnosed with good old fashioned Seperation Anxiety regarding his behavior at the beginning of school. He never went through it as an infant, but it would seem he's a late bloomer. After talking to his teacher, it seems he's not the only child his age who has gone through this, and in truth I think it's harder on me than on him. Once I'm gone, he seems to settle down into the routine of the day. Today he got very upset when I left, but I didn't hear any screaming or kicking and by the time I got down the hall it sounded like he had settled down. Can I tell you what relief I felt? So my little boy is 'normal' after all! (Whatever 'normal' is for kids, know what I mean? I'm learning they are all so different!}.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who reached out to me during the past couple of weeks. It's been a time of great reflection, and also one of healing. I still can't believe Laura is gone (I don't think I will ever get used to it) but I realize that she is and that's just the way it is. With great resolve I removed her blog link from my sidebar. Her blog is no longer in existence, and through my sadness I understand that life goes on. I will always miss her.

On other notes, I've been stitching more and trying to get more artwork under my belt. I've even started exercising and eating properly again, and I'm already feeling better. Once I get my days planned out I'll pop back to Rivendell to record my progress and possibly get another shield. Yay!

I have a pretty heavy load this afternoon: a trip to the bank, lunch for the kids, three loads of laundry, two book covers to scan in, pictures to upload from CDs, my own art web site to trim down before production, a desk to organize, a checkbook to balance, dinner to make, a bubble bath, and *then* I can relax. Whew! I'm tired already.

But it feels good. Living feels very, very good.
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