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Mall Shopping 

Okay, I'm so not into Harry Potter, but all I can say is what *fabulous* scarves! I started knitting my Cheshire Cat scarf based loosley on an HP pattern a scarf a long time ago, but I did not like the feel of Red Heart Super Saver yarn in my knitting needles. I do, however, *love* Lion Heart's Wool-Ease, and I'm hoping to get some fresh yarn and start over. Unfortunately, Michaels carries a very limited supply of Wool-Ease, so I may have to order the colors online.

Today I'm jetting to the mall to return some things and to stop by Victoria's Secret for their bi-annual sale. For whatever reason, they chose to discontinue Enchanted Apple and only sell it twice a year. There are some other fragrances that crop up during this time, but the apple is the one I'm most interested in. We are leaving here at 9:45 AM sharp, for I plan to be at the mall no later than 10:15. I loooove fresh apple scents in fragrances, and I think VS has one of the best.

Short, boring blogpost this morning, I know, but everything I want to talk about will take too much time and I'm in a bit of a crunch. I'll update later when I have time.
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