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The Mother-Load 

Remember me talking about the Victoria's Secret sale yesterday? Well, I went, I saw, I bought! I hit the mother-load. And forget the bras and panties, I'm talking about the sweet smelly stuff!

My purchases:
2 bottles Enchanted Apple body sprays
2 bottles Enchanted Apple shower gel
1 bottle Enchanted Apple body lotion
1 tube Enchanted Apple hand/body cream
1 bottle Dream Angels Halo body lotion
1 bottle Dream Angels Halo angel mist spray
1 bottle Dream Angels Halo shower gel
1 bottle Dream Angels Divine body lotion
1 bottle Dream Angels Divine angel mist spray
1 bottle Dream Angels Divine shower gel
1 purse size mini of Dream Angels Heavenly perfume
1 black bear plushie for Jessi
Birthday prezzies for Mom (not saying what it is in case Mom is reading today! *grin*)

Wow!! Sounds like a bunch, doesn't it? Well, that's the beauty of a sale. I got all of these at half off, sometimes even more for all of the Dream Angel products I purchased in sets, which made them much cheaper than buying them in individual bottles. Dream Angels Heavenly is my favorite, but I already have the set and was getting low on the perfume, hence the mini-bottle purchase. Halo is my second favorite of the series, but sometimes I'm just in the mood for Divine. As far as the Enchanted Apple goes, it's my favorite garden scent (next to Amber Romance) and VS only sells it twice a year, once in January and once on June. I figured if I stocked up on it then maybe it would last me until January.

Needless to say, last night after my bath I smelled *so* good! It was heavenly.:)

Yesterday I stitched a little on Fantasy Triptych and Mini-Mandala 2. I didn't get much finished on either, for I've been so tired the past couple of nights I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm also not feeling so hot today, so maybe I'm coming down with something.

I also woke up this morning feeling a bit nostaligic. I remember when there was pretty much just the TW board. Dana then created the Chatelaine board and I created the Mirabilia board so we could have places that celebrated those designers, but the TW board was still homeplate for so many of us. There were other board off-shoots that cropped up here and there, and there were general board dedicated to things other than stitching, and while it was nice to have new playgrounds to venture into, the TW board was home center. When it became an exclusive stitching board, things kind of splintered. Even more boards were created: some dedicated to just chat, others to both chat and needlework. While I completely support TW's decision, I am kind of sad that we have "lost" so many stitchers along the way. However, I admit I miss having one place where we can all be found. Each board has it's own personality and it's regulars, and while I appreciate the diversity it can take up a good part of the day just browsing the boards in order to see all your different friends! The ones I mainly visit are the ones in my sidebar, and while I do not always post I do lurk just to get a sense of what's going on. But still...I miss the Mother-Ship we once had and the umbrella of which we all met under. Don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying myself and the wonderful boards, but there are times when I just miss the "old days".:)

I also did not realize how long some of us have been around. It shocked me the other day when someone did not know what LTDLTKDc was, but then I thought to myself, "Wait a minute, that was years ago!" It seems like yesterday. And in regard to that thread, I wish I had saved it, for I had some pretty cool 'reasons' for starting the thread, but the only one I can remember is "some of my WIPs are starting to roam the neighborhood". I can't remember the others, but if anyone does, feel free to let me know what they were!:)

Okay, I need to check my e-mail now...I've been getting much better at it, checking it every couple of days rather than every couple of weeks! One step at a time, yes?
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