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Stash Thoughts 

Let me just begin by saying Happy Father's Day! to my beloved husband, my wonderful father, and my loving father-in-law: you all mean so much to me and continue to bless me in many ways. And may all fathers be blessed on this wonderful day!


Now...I'm having a thought here, Barbosa.

I finally figured out that part of the problem regarding my lack of self-discipline in stitching is the fact that I have too much accesible stash. I have charts, kits, fabric, at least three (more like four) sets of DMC, one set of Anchor with extras, specialty threads galore, scroll frames, lap stands, q-snaps, and enough bobbin boxes to open my own store. It's just ridiculous, considering how little room we have. Right now most of my stash is overflowing in my clothes closet, with other parts camping out in the drawers of my Oriental secretary's desk (that's an actual type of desk, and not to say that I have Asian office staff at my beck and call, or the fact that I would even entertain the thought of stuffing stash in their undergarments. Simply ew. But I digress).
I do not want to part with any of it, but having it around makes it all too easy to start a new project when the whim strikes. I'm really tired of living in the Land of the Perpetual WIP, and I've decided it's time to take action.

So: I'm going to box up the whole kit and caboodle and send it south to live with my Mom in the cozy, comforting glow of her huge upstairs spare bedroom, where it will rest nicely and neatly against a wall until I either get a bigger place to keep it in or get my WIP-fetish under control.

Here is what I will be keeping at the homestead:
TWs: Mermaid, Fantasy Triptych, Princess and Dragon (sans dragon), Milennium (thanks, Pat!), and Lady of Shalott.
Miras: The Kiss, Deepest Love, Christmas Flourishes (I've decided this is my all-time favorite Mira).
Dracolair: Gaelic Banner, Jeweled Celtic Cross.
HAED: Magic Moonlight.
Lavender & Lace: Celtic Arwen, Celtic Autumn.
General stash:
One set of DMC (in skein form)
A few pieces of fabric (for emergency stashing.:))
My set of Dinky-Dyes (gotta keep designing!)

As far as charts go, I will probably keep around my TWs and Miras, just so they don't get crumpled in the boxes. I will also keep some smaller designs on hand, such as some of the Dragon Dreams castles and the Camelot Designs castles. These projects tend to be much smaller in scale to some of the ones I'm currently working on, and will make for nice relief stitching when I need a break from BAP-itis. Right now I'm determind to go through a massive WIP-killing spree, and considering the size of them it may well take me into the next two years to do it. However, with my massive stash out of the way I'll be much less inclined to kit up whenever I want.

Of course, I haven't actually put this insane idea into practice, and I just may forget it once I'm fumbling through all that luscious stash. All I know is that I'll be much happier having space in my closet to walk and projects that might actually get finished.

The good thing is that I can visit my stash any time I want when I'm jonesing, and that is a small comfort indeed.
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